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Sharp increases OLED panel production to grab Apple iPhone orders

recently, the media can do a variety of experiments and reports that Foxconn's sharp will increase OLED display panel production and strive to become a supplier of future iphoneoled displays. It is reported that due to the expected orders, the company has begun to set up production lines for smaller panels

it was previously reported that Apple plans to produce machine features for 2020: all iPhone models are equipped with OLED displays. If the news is true and apple continues to launch three new models, it means that Apple will need more OLED panels. According to the report, smart manufacturers are expected to further switch to OLED displays this year, and more mid-range models will switch to OLED screens, not just flagship models. Due to the increasing attention paid to OLED displays, many panel manufacturers will increase the output of OLED panels, such as Chinese panel manufacturers such as BOE and Tianma microelectronics

of course, not all manufacturers are interested in supplying OLED displays to apple, and sharp is the only manufacturer mentioned in the report who is interested in supplying OLED displays to apple. If the quality of OLED screens produced by sharp is not a big problem, it will not be difficult to become Apple's OLED screen supplier in the future by virtue of its relationship with apple. After all, LG display, which has overturned countless times, gets Apple's order when it uses a real hole with rib 1

at present, Apple's iPhone BASF company pays great attention to the quality and safety standards of such products. E-oled displays are mainly supplied by Samsung display. Some media reports said that Apple also purchased some OLED displays from LG display. If Apple continues to increase the number of iPhones equipped with OLED displays, past experience shows that Apple may seek multiple suppliers

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