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Samsung has frequent activities in Taiwan, and the panel war is about to begin.

Samsung has recently stepped up its cooperation with Taiwan's Micro led supply chain, which has attracted great attention from Hon Hai group. At the same time, rumors of Apple starting trial production with American semiconductors continue, and a new wave of panel war is just about to begin

less than 1 month left! Samsung Electronics of South Korea is racing against time and is preparing to show micro LED (micro light emitting diode) TV at CES (American consumer electronics exhibition) on January 7, 2018. If successful, Samsung can turn Apple's weapon against Samsung into the next one to make money. More specifically, this time, part of the supply chain that assists Samsung in producing related products comes from Taiwan, China

in the past year, Korean manufacturers often visited the micro led supply chain in Taiwan. An industry person observed that "Korean engineers have appeared here almost every day in Taiwan's Taiyuan Science and Technology Park in the past month

Wu Zhiyi, director of the Institute of Electro Optics of the Taiwan Institute of technology, pointed out that many audience members of the micro led forum hosted by the Taiwan Institute of technology this year were almost experts from Samsung and LG, and frequently asked questions. Zhou Mingjun, general manager of crystal, once said, "if Samsung launches micro led tv next year, don't be too surprised."

the new technology of Taiwan factory is concerned by Samsung executives

why is Samsung in South Korea so concerned about the technological development in Taiwan? Because Samsung found that the supply chain in Taiwan has independently and successfully manufactured a new type of display with a resolution of 300 dpi full-color display information outside apple. As long as the soft substrate is replaced, it is possible to make a flexible display screen or a transparent new type of display to compete with Samsung in the market

in Taiwan, there are many companies that develop micro LED technology. Helian optoelectronics, a subsidiary of Acer founder Tai Zhonghe, and glo, a company invested by Google, lit up a color micro LED screen in May this year; In November, Taiji Technology launched a leading driver chip specially designed for micro LED; As for neptunium technology invested by Jingdian, a sample of micro led full-color screen has also been released this year. Mikro mesa, another company founded by Chen Liyi, former general manager of Qimei electronic TV panel business department, also said that they have made a breakthrough in micro LED technology. If you add big manufacturers such as Youda, qunchuang, Jingdian and Hon Hai, there are not many teams studying micro led in Taiwan. Although Taiwan is on the defensive in the global panel market, a considerable number of teams have invested in the research and development of this innovative technology

only if this technology really shines and heats up, the display technology alone is not enough. It also requires customized display drive IC, mechanism and circuit, and then the oil collector can be removed to show the maximum effect. Without these supports, the highly innovative display technology has no market value

but Samsung has all these resources. Samsung has invested in micro led for three years, and hundreds of engineers are developing it. In other words, when Apple set up a secret R & D base in Longtan, Taiwan, to build a micro led supply chain, Samsung also secretly trained internally

in the past year, Samsung has also built a batch of new material industry clusters with core competitiveness, strong driving force, distinctive characteristics and complementary advantages in Taiwan to build micro led supply chain. The industry believes that Samsung should be the first to make micro led TVs, and now it has entered the final stage

2 months ago, it was reported in the industry that Jong hee Han, President of Samsung display department, came forward to invite relevant suppliers from Taiwan to South Korea for a meeting to discuss the possibility of further cooperation

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