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Samsung launched artik IOT chip: the smallest chip is only the size of a ladybug

Samsung launched a new generation of low-power chips at the IOT World Conference held on Tuesday, which can be used in washing machines, unmanned aerial vehicles and other connected devices

in addition, the company also announced its latest plan, including how to summarize and analyze data from chips of various terminal devices through a cloud computing platform

Samsung's new chips are divided into three sizes, including artik1, 5 and 10, with different processing and storage capabilities and radio communication functions. All chips are embedded with encryption system, which can reduce the probability of hacker attack

the smallest artik1 chip is slightly larger than the ladybug, and is intended for small devices such as dedicated sensor centers. The largest artik10 has a diagonal length of 2 inches (about 5 cm), which is expected to be used in home servers and media centers. Artik10 uses a 1.3GHz eight core processor, with 2GB of memory and 16GB of flash memory

youngsohn, President of Samsung, said that artik5 can be used in relatively small products such as UAVs and cameras. The chip has video encoding and decoding functions, so it also reduces power consumption to a certain extent

youngsohn said that the smallest recently launched the Knovel resin matrix composite database artik1 chip, which sells for less than $10 for business transformation or upgrading in its own field, and the largest artik10 is less than $100. However, he did not disclose the specific price, because it still needs to be determined according to the specific purchase volume

these chips support a variety of hardware standards, including Wi Fi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth low power, ZigBee and thread

these chips have been used in Samsung's mobile devices, and will be used in TV sets, refrigerators and other connected devices by Samsung's consumer electronics department in the future

Samsung believes that providing a set of standard chips, supplemented by a set of standard development tools and standard integration platforms, will facilitate the development of IOS solutions and reduce costs

IDC, an American market research company, said that 50 billion IOT devices will be activated in 2020. Samsung also said that it wanted to be involved in any business that needed billions of chips

the launch of artik platform has special significance for smartthings, which is the United home furnishing and IOT companies acquired by Samsung 18 months ago

smartthings has a set of development tools and developer integration platform, which can help developers build IOT device connection system. Alexhawkinson, CEO of smartthings, said that 19000 devices have been connected to smartthings' platform

for 10 years,

Samsung is using smartthings' development cloud framework as the main cloud data integration platform for all kinds of connected devices, whether these devices use artik chips or other IOT chips. The platform provides SDK (software development kit) to help terminal devices access the cloud

Youngsohn said that developers can use these key IOT components to develop new IOT projects faster and easier

hawkinson of smartthings said that it is not only open to external developers, but also Samsung's internal TVs, refrigerators and teams will use the same tools

Samsung once said that all its products will be connected by 2020. The new artik chip will be installed in all Samsung devices, and these devices will also be connected to the common smartthings. With the growth of some models in the civil helicopter and business jet market, Samsung will provide these chips to developers from today to facilitate their development of IOT projects. Youngsohn said that the development software will be integrated into the chip and will contain the open API (Application Programming Interface) required for access to the cloud

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