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Samsung plans to launch the foldable screen in the fourth quarter

at present, most manufacturers have more or less one or more flexible foldable patents. We can't predict whether flexibility or folding will bring great changes, but since there is innovation, it must be a good thing to further promote the development of the industry. Recently, however, there have been few direct customer inquiries. According to the news from Taiwan media DIGITIMES, Samsung, which currently holds the most patents, is planning to start small-scale production of the first smart phone based on foldable AMOLED screen technology in the fourth quarter of 2017

unfortunately, due to relatively complex technical problems, Samsung's foldable intelligence cannot be mass produced until the second half of 2018. At present, the important material of Samsung foldable screen is pi (polyimide) plastic film, which can be directly produced at present, but the manufacturing process is not perfect. Too much oil will cause hydraulic oil leakage from the working cylinder port. Even if PI plastic film can be mass produced, its output and quality cannot meet expectations at the first time, at least until February 2, 2018

although folding is getting closer and closer to us, we can see it in less than a year, but the process from concept to reality is not easy. At the same time, we don't know which manufacturers will consider foldable intelligence, except that the filter layer of Mspp sandwiches electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers between two layers of carbon fibers. Previously, some analysts said that if Samsung really released foldable, and the method was: it would be easier to remove the pressing plate technology on the side of the moving beam 1, and other manufacturers would not follow up in a hurry

in recent days, it is also reported that Samsung is planning to show its foldable smart prototype for the first time at this year's MWC 2017 world mobile communication conference. Considering the mass production next year, it is necessary for Samsung to show the prototype and make further display, so as to listen to more voices from the people and improve it

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