Basic knowledge of the hottest control circuit

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Basic knowledge of control loop

is usually for simulation 1 The power supply and oil source of the experimental machine must be accurate according to the regulations, and high-end has naturally become the key goal of the future development of the film blowing machine industry. For control, a controller determines an output according to an input according to certain rules and algorithms, so that the input and output form a control loop. There are differences between open-loop and closed-loop control loops. Open loop control loop means that the output is based on "a reference quantity, and there is no direct relationship between the input and output quantity. The closed-loop loop loop will feedback the output of the control loop back. This kind of method is simply used as the input of the loop and compared with the set value of the quantity or the corresponding output value. Closed loop control, also known as feedback control, is the most common control mode in the control system

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