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Samsung officially sells chips. MediaTek's dream of recovery has been hit.

Samsung has officially sold its chips. Meizu recently released Meilan S6, which uses the lead: according to the news of gelonghui on April 12, Samsung's exynos7872 chip, foreign media reports said that it is trying to attract more enterprises to adopt its chips by taking advantage of the advantages of the industrial chain, especially the competitive components such as OLED panels, which may be a big blow to MediaTek

MediaTek is looking forward to recovery

according to the data released by counterpoint, among the world's top six chip enterprises in 2017, only apple and Lianru still have problems, and the market share of MediaTek has declined. Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei Hisilicon have achieved growth, while Spreadtrum is flat, Apple's market share decline is estimated to be affected by the new ipho1 special dills alder reaction, which is the reason for this phenomenon, and the poor sales of NE

MediaTek's market share fell the most, from 18% in 2016 to 14% in 2017, a decline of 4 percentage points or 22. 2%, which mainly meets the standard: it is caused by a series of mistakes. In 2016, the chip supporting LTE cat7 technology required by China Mobile was not launched. In 2017, the 10nm process of TSMC was bet, but because of TSMC's 10nm mass production delay and giving priority to apple, the timing of MediaTek's high-end chip x30 was lost, and the subsequent mid-range chip p35 was suspended

after being hit repeatedly by this, MediaTek is planning to release two mid-range chips P40 and p70 this year, focusing on the mid-range market. Both chips are quad core a73+ quad core A53 architecture, using TSMC's 12NM process. The main difference is in the main frequency. It hopes to rely on performance advantages to grab market share in the mid-range market and has recovered

Samsung's rush to attack the mid-range chip market is not good for MediaTek.

in the high-end market, Qualcomm has an advantage. Its Xiaolong 845 chip has just been released, and has received the support of Samsung and a number of Chinese enterprises. They have announced that they will use this chip to launch their flagship

Qualcomm is also increasing its offensive in the mid-range market. The mid-range and high-end chips Xiaolong 670 and Xiaolong 640 adopt Samsung's 10nm process. Xiaolong 670 adopts the modified version of quad core A75 + the modified version of quad core A55. Xiaolong 640 adopts the modified version of dual core A75 + the modified version of six core A55. Xiaolong 670 rolls the midrange chip of MediaTek. Xiaolong 640 is not inferior to the midrange chip of MediaTek

Samsung originally intended to sell its high-end chips. Previously, it was reported that its high-end chip exynos8895 was planned to be sold to Meizu, but it finally cancelled the plan under the pressure of Qualcomm. Qualcomm is the world's largest chip enterprise, and it has patent advantages, which Samsung has to consider. Samsung also hopes to obtain its chip orders to increase its share in the OEM market

Meizu used to use a large number of MediaTek chips for a long time, which was once known as "ten thousand years of MediaTek". This time, Meizu turned to Samsung chips. Samsung's exynos7872 chip adopted by Meizu has no competitive advantage in terms of performance over MediaTek's P40 and P70. Exynos7872 chip is a dual core a73+ quad core A53 architecture and is produced by Samsung's own 14nmfinfet process. However, it is expected that it will launch more competitive mid-range chips to further expand its share in the chip market

another advantage that helps Samsung seize the chip market share is its industrial chain advantage. At present, it is the world's largest storage chip enterprise, accounting for more than 90% of the market share in the small and medium-sized OLED panel market. China's two major enterprises oppo and vivo pay a huge deposit to obtain the supply of Samsung OLED panels, and oppo and vivo are also eager to improve their profit margins, The temptation of Samsung's industrial chain advantages and its willingness to offer more favorable chip prices may help it obtain the support of OV, and oppo and vivo are one of MediaTek's target customers

it can be said that the biggest victim of Samsung's entry into the chip market will be MediaTek, which is likely to frustrate the recovery of the chip business expected by MediaTek this year

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