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Samsung Heavy Industry confirmed the world's largest order of six container ships

Samsung Heavy Industry confirmed the world's largest order of six container ships

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Samsung Heavy Industry recently officially confirmed that the six super large container ships received from OOCL are 21100teu container ships, which is the largest ship type in the container ship orders received by Samsung Heavy Industry at present, This order also set a new record for the world's largest container ship order

previously, OOCL announced that it would order six 20000teu container ships to be built by Samsung Heavy Industries, with a total transaction volume of $951.6 million. The newly built ships are 400 meters long and 58.8 meters wide, and are expected to be delivered in 2017.. Ooil, the parent company of ool, said it expected to provide 70% of the financing

since the beginning of this year, many consolidation companies around the world have signed orders for large container ships with Samsung Heavy Industries. International Ship statistics show that in January this year, quantum Scorpio box announced that the alternative orders for three 19200teu container ships with Samsung Heavy Industries came into effect. In early March, Mitsui placed an order for four 20100teu container ships at Samsung Heavy Industries, setting a new record for the world's largest container ship receiving orders. Samsung Heavy Industries said that compared with the previous largest container ship order, the transportation capacity of OOCL's new ship order exceeded 1000teu

with the continuous development of the large-scale trend of container ships, many container shipping companies have continued to join the booking team recently. In January this year, imji shipbuilding received the first largest new ship order in the new year, and cooperated with Marubeni Corporation of Japan to significantly reduce the consumption of ethanol, and received orders for 11 EU container ships with a capacity of 20000T 15 minutes after the equipment stopped operation, which is expected to be delivered in 2018. In March, Mitsui ordered two 20150teu container ships at Jinji shipbuilding through Zhengrong steamboat, and signed a long-term charter with it. The two ships will be delivered in 2017. Recently, Dafei ordered three 20600teu container ships at Hanjin heavy industry, which will be delivered in 2017

at the same time, the record of the largest container ship operating in the world is constantly being refreshed. At the beginning of this month, Mediterranean Shipping announced to receive the 19224teu container ship "Mediterranean Oliver", which is the second largest container ship in the world after the company received the "Mediterranean Oscar" two months later. At the end of last year, China Shipping international received the first 19100teu container ship "China Shipping global", which completed its maiden voyage in January this year. By the end of March, a total of four 19100teu container ships have been delivered, including "China Shipping global", "China Shipping Pacific", "China Shipping Indian Ocean" and "China Shipping Arctic but ocean in the past two years"

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