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Samsung note4 or push the upgraded version with snapdragon 810 processor

in 2014, phablet type intelligence has been fully developed, and the original competition has become more intense since the iPhone 6 plus entered the field

help provide users with high-performance products with poor quality and reliable 3D printing filaments. According to the data provided by Kantar worldpanel, as of October 14, iPhone 6 plus accounted for more than 41% of the phablet in North America. Such a strong sense of crisis made competitor Samsung open and made the sample slip during the experiment process to fight back. It is reported that Samsung has tested the third Galaxy note 4 with Korean operators, It will upgrade from the existing snapdragon 805 processor to the snapdragon 810 processor

the biggest change of Xiaolong 810 processor is that it adopts a 64 bit eight core processor, with significantly enhanced performance. However, according to the information obtained so far, the release cycle originally scheduled for the first ten days of next year may be postponed due to the overheating of the rated voltage of the processor's highly corrosive aluminum alloy and the bug of the GPU. Therefore, it is not clear when the upgraded Galaxy note 4 with the snapdragon 810 processor will be available to you

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