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Samsung OLED technology upgrading adopts DPSS technology

Samsung display, a panel factory under Samsung, is the leader of flexible OLED panels. It is said that the company can reduce costs by adopting new equipment, which is expected to further improve its competitiveness and consolidate its dominant position

Korean media entews 1. According to industry sources, the flexible OLED panel of Samsung display is produced by laser lift off (LLO) equipment. The company's LLO originally used excimer laser technology, with AP system as the sole supplier. Now LLO equipment mostly uses diode pumped solid state (DPSS) technology, and philoptics is added to the list

dpss has the advantages of low cost and convenient maintenance; And after switching to DPSS, the number of equipment required for each production line will also be reduced. The market speculates that 70% of the LLO equipment purchased by Samsung display in 2016 was transferred out of the cluster when used, and came from philoptics reliability test standards: JIS r3205:1989, iso/dis125421 12543 (6): 1997 as/nzs2208:1996, gb/t9962 (1) 999. In 2017, Samsung display purchased all from pH and iloptics to fill the gaps between the experimental machine and the ground

ap system saw the market being robbed and turned to medium-sized factory to supply excimer laser equipment and assist medium-sized factory to develop OLED panels. Philoptics also actively expanded its business in China, signing a contract worth US $6million with Kunshan Guoxian Optoelectronics (GVO) in September

source: Touch Technology

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