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Samsung improves the production capacity of image sensors and plans to surpass Sony to become the market leader

Korean media etnews reported that Samsung Electronics plans to improve the production capacity of image sensors and plans to surpass Sony to become the market leader. With the application of dual camera and the application of sensors in automotive and other fields, the growth demand for image sensors is growing rapidly

according to insiders, Samsung's DRAM production line 11, located in hwasung, South Korea, has been changed to an image sensor production line by the end of 2017, and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. After refitting, line 13 of hwasung plant will also be converted from DRAM production line to production line for image sensor

industry insiders said, At the end of 2017 "Some customers forget to use the star 12 inch image sensor in the warehouse after buying it. The combined production capacity of the modified line 11 and line 13 is more than 70000 groups per month, and the total production capacity of Samsung will reach 120000 groups in the future. This data will surpass Sony. At present, the production capacity of Sony image sensor is 100000 groups per month.

Samsung vigorously expanded its production, mainly because of its own The image sensor is confident, and Samsung believes that its technical level is very close to that of Sony. Sony and Samsung are the only "three-layer image sensor" manufacturers in the world that can process 960 frames per second. This image sensor combines sensors, analog logic chips and DRAM to shoot super slow motion video. This technology has been used in Samsung's flagship Galaxy S9 series

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