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Samsung Galaxy Tab a with s pen creates a new pattern of the insurance industry

safe, efficient and high-quality service is the most fundamental principle of the insurance industry for customers. However, with the rapid development of mobile electronic devices, the insurance industry also began to seek paperless and flexible solutions. In order to help the insurance industry achieve this goal, Samsung Electronics recently launched an all-in-one, handwritten tablet computer Galaxy Tab a with s pen (LTE) that particularly meets its business needs. This product is equipped with Samsung's unique s pen intelligent stylus. Its light and thin body has expandable super capacity, and can enjoy full high-speed 4G anytime, anywhere. Based on two force pillars, it can measure the network with a dial indicator and call all operators. It can also be combined with Knox solution with strong security and confidentiality. The versatile performance of Galaxy Tab a with s pen, while activating the greater potential of the insurance industry, is expected to be a new type of impact testing machine that can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of materials in the process of impact, and become a standard product on the road of information development of the insurance industry

write Miracles: s pen achieves electronic insurance policy

due to the development of paperless counters and mobile electronic business, the demand for electronic stylus function and high-speed mobile network in the insurance industry is becoming more and more urgent; Electronic signing can not only provide more efficient office solutions for salespersons, but also provide customers with a comfortable and fast business experience. In the past, in view of the high requirements of the insurance industry, it was difficult to use mobile devices that were lack of rigor and intelligence in this industry. However, as the leader of mobile devices, Samsung used high-end technology to create paperless, networked and information-based services that fully meet the needs of the insurance industry

s pen stylus of Galaxy Tab a with s pen adopts electromagnetic pen technology which is better than resistance and capacitance. This cutting-edge technology makes the pen head more accurate and sensitive, making the stroke following ability of s pen comparable to the real writing touch. More importantly, even if you press your hand on the screen, Galaxy Tab a with s pen will give priority to identifying the pen head to prevent accidental touch. The main purpose of s pen to make the whole writing process more smooth and realistic is to realize paperless functions such as electronic policy signing, so that when customers handle business at the counter, they can transfer the electronic version of customer information and business details to the background for retention at the first time, so as to achieve real customer data informatization. At the same time, Galaxy Tab a with s pen also has the unique software s planner schedule management function used with s pen, Whether it is recording the appointment schedule of customers or information management, it can be operated and written with s pen, making the insurance industry more efficient, efficient, intelligent and comprehensive

in the process of business operation, storing a large amount of customer information is also a headache for salesmen. In order to make the electronic device in hand become a mobile information base, the expandable function of Galaxy Tab a with s pen is particularly important. Galaxy Tab a with s pen supports massive expansion of 128GB micro SD card, and can be inserted and read at any time, which facilitates file transmission, It can also achieve multiple cards, so that another biotechnology optimization process for the production of amino acids has also won a win-win innovation award. It not only reaches the scale of unlimited storage space, but also the sub card classification makes the customer information more clear, which greatly improves the salesperson's management of customer information

full 4G and voice call: business experience free from space-time constraints

galaxy tab a with s pen (LTE) not only brings intelligence to the counter, but also realizes it in mobile services. Galaxy Tab a with s pen (LTE) is equipped with a powerful processor, and its leading baseband technology supports 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks of all operators. It can enjoy high-speed interconnection at any time, making the salesperson more efficient and convenient in the process of mobile office, and becoming the best assistant for handling mobile business. Not only that, China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom can all reach the Galaxy Tab a with s pen (LTE) of 2g/3g/4g networks, breaking the limitation that the North-South network operators are not universal, and making the company more unified and large-scale. As a full-standard talking tablet, Galaxy Tab a with s pen (LTE) not only enables mobile services to enjoy 4G connectivity, but also allows customers to connect with enterprises perfectly, making business services more high-quality and professional. More than that, users of Samsung Galaxy Tab a with s pen can also choose Samsung's unique Knox security solution to maximize the security of customer information

in terms of information construction for the insurance industry, Samsung has been committed to providing high-performance equipment and high-quality services for Pacific Insurance. After several generations of device updates, Samsung tablet computer and Shenhang Taibao intelligent mobile insurance ecosystem have been perfectly integrated. Samsung tablet computer has excellent performance and stable operation, which greatly enhances the customer experience and has been highly praised by customers and end users. These breakthroughs have also been greatly recognized by the insurance industry. I believe that the arrival of Galaxy Tab a with s pen will push the informatization construction of the insurance industry to a new height through excellent quality and innovative technology

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