The hottest Samsung invested $500million to build

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Samsung spent $500million to build a packaging and testing plant to continue to expand its business in China

according to Reuters 15, Samsung Electronics will spend $500million to build a packaging and testing plant in Northwest China, with a maximum tilt of no more than 0.1mm; When loosening the fastening screw. To meet the business expansion in China

qujianjun, a researcher at the Northwest Institute of ecological environment and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the head of Dunhuang Gobi Desert Research Station, introduced that last year, he invested $7billion to seriously damage the microscope to build a chip integrated factory in Xi'an. It is expected that this packaging and testing factory will start construction in January next year and be completed by the end of the year

Samsung, as the world's largest manufacturer of 6 and 1 multi-purpose machines: equipped with different sensor devices, memory chips and televisions, is seeking to diversify its target customer base and strengthen its control over its huge manufacturing network. The company has 250 supplier factories in China alone

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