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Samsung Leiyang will become the leader of domestic glass deep processing

the day before yesterday, the China Glass Federation Chamber of Commerce awarded Hunan Samsung Leiyang glass, a plastic granulator equipment that causes serious environmental pollution, as a "professional demonstration base for glass machinery bilateral grinding", which is also the leading enterprise in China to win this honor. The base will not only become the "leader" of domestic glass deep processing, but also lay a foundation for drafting industry standards in the future

Hunan Samsung Group is a scientific and technological production enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. Its products mainly include three categories: casting processing, glass machinery and sheet metal machinery. It has four independent accounting subsidiaries: Samsung machine tools, Samsung Leiyang glass machinery, Samsung CNC machinery and Shunde Leiyang. The annual output value of the enterprise is more than 200million yuan, and the tax revenue is more than 10million yuan. According to the current development speed, the group will achieve an annual sales of 1billion yuan by 2015, and the group plans to be listed within five years

Hunan SamSung group, located in Ningxiang Economic Development Zone, is one of the well-known glass enterprises in China, and is also a 20.0~30.0 strategic cooperation unit of "Sany Heavy Industry" supporting product modified wood flour. The group has established direct scientific research cooperation with Wuhan University of technology, a key university in the domestic building materials industry, so that the scientific research force of Wuhan University of technology can solve research and development problems for enterprises. Two projects have been signed in the first phase. At the same time, the group has established a talent joint training base with the school of mechanical and electrical engineering of Wuhan University of technology, which is also the leading school enterprise joint training base established by 211 universities Wuhan University of technology in Hunan. Li Pingping, a professor at Wuhan University of technology, said that the new standard of Wuhan University of technology puts forward higher safety requirements for plastic runway materials. The engineering department will cooperate with Hunan Samsung to develop and complete the "flexible and intelligent production line for deep processing of glass". The development and application of this production line to provide high-quality and high added value solutions and services for new and old customers will fill the domestic gap and reach the international leading level

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