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The price is falsely high, and the old problem of over packaging moon cake market is still

it is more than half a month before the Mid Autumn Festival, and moon cake gift boxes are becoming popular. Today, I visited many supermarkets in Beijing and found that the phenomenon of false high prices and excessive packaging in the moon cake market for many years can still be seen everywhere

I came to meilianmei supermarket near ande Road, Xicheng District, Beijing, and found that the moon cake selling point on the second floor a few days ago had moved to a prominent position on the first floor. Many brands of moon cake gift boxes dazzle consumers, with prices ranging from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan

after a tour in the supermarket, I found that (1) the new regulations have increased the technical requirements and indicators of different levels of high-temperature creep extensometers, and the moon cake gift boxes have different discounts, ranging from 7% to 9%. Q: why is there a discount when it is just listed? A salesperson picked up a box of moon cakes and leaned over with a smile and said: every family is on sale, and they can't sell without a discount. Isn't it more affordable to have a cheaper price? You see, this box is full of abalone stuffing. It's very high-grade. We sell it for 688 yuan, and now it's 20% off. If you want to buy more, you can give a little more discount

then, at Wumart supermarket near Xinjiekou, a salesperson showed a box of moon cake gift boxes with a price of 468 yuan: a golden box full of dragon patterns, with two upper and lower compartments, each of which was backed by golden silk, a pair of royal style. This box alone is worth a lot of money. If you buy a lot, we can give you a 10% discount. If you are purchasing for the company, 10 Experiment rotation direction: two way, we can buy 10 boxes for you, give 1 box free, or write more money on your invoice. The salesman said eagerly

at the Wal Mart supermarket near the international trade center, ask the salesperson: why does a mooncake with a unit price of only 11.8 yuan cost more than 400 yuan if it is put in a gift box packed with ten? The salesperson replied disdainfully: which moon cake is not sold for more than ten yuan, anti-aging? Cartoning is expensive

insiders told that according to the mandatory national standard for moon cakes, the packaging cost should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes

I buy gift boxes to give away. How can I calculate the price carefully! The picture shows that the packaging looks good, and it looks great. Ms. Li, who is shopping for moon cakes, told me

it is worth mentioning that with the development of e-commerce, more and more people begin to buy moon cake gift boxes on. Through Taobao Search for moon cake gift boxes, more than 100000 items were found. The best-selling box of moon cakes with a price of 39 yuan sold as many as 10000 boxes. Insiders told that the price of mooncakes sold on the Internet is relatively cheap, but there may be a lot of moisture, so consumers should be more cautious when buying

in addition, after the implementation of the new version of the standard for the use of food additives, the shelf life of moon cakes has been significantly shortened. It was found in several stores that the shelf life of most moon cake gift boxes is about 60 days, and a few moon cake gift boxes exceed 60 days, and some even reach 120 days. It is understood that at present, there is no unified provision in the mandatory national standards that the guarantee of moon cakes should be tested by the force measuring mechanism to detect the tension of the hydraulic cylinder and reflect the test value to the computer quality period. Instead, the manufacturer should independently control it according to its own products and processes. A staff member of the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce reminded that generally speaking, the shelf life of Cantonese style moon cakes is about 60 days, while that of cheese style moon cakes is only about 45 days. Consumers should be cautious about buying moon cakes with a long shelf life

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