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Price increase letters are frequently sent! Domestic and foreign chemical giants have successively announced price increases

price increase letters have been sent frequently! Lu, a domestic and foreign chemical giant, began to gradually return and continued to announce price increases. January 3, 2019

2019 is coming, and the chill seems to be deepening step by step. There are rumors of winter every year. Compared with previous years, this year's winter is more real

since 2018, due to the sharp rise in raw materials, labor, energy and logistics costs, as well as higher production management requirements and product quality requirements, the production cost of Chinese coatings has increased. Therefore, enterprises have said that they will raise the prices of some products from January 1, 2019. BASF, DSM, Evonik and other enterprises raised prices as follows:


BASF announced that from January 1, 2019, it would not only fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process in North America, but also increase the prices of diol (HDO), caprolactone (CLO) and polycaprolactone (capromer) by $0.10/pound

BASF is headquartered in Ludwigshafen and has more than 350 branches and companies in 39 countries. Among them, there are more than 60 manufacturers in Germany, which are located in Ludwigshafen, Munster, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim, vilzburg, covid and other cities. BASF's main businesses: chemicals and plastics, natural gas, plant protection agents and medicine, health care and nutrition, dyes and finishing agents, chemicals, plastics and fibers, oil and natural gas


royaldsm issued a price increase letter. The categories involved this time are: PA66, pet, PBT, TPE, etc., of which the price of PBT and pet has been increased by 12. The tensile testing machine can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine, which are 50 yuan/ton; PA66 will be increased by 2430 yuan/ton. The price increase will take effect from January 1st, 2019

based on science and technology, Royal DSM group is active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials worldwide. DSM mainly serves the end markets of food and health products, personal care, feed, drugs, medical equipment, automobiles, coatings and paints, electronics and electrical, life protection, alternative energy and bio based materials, and creates sustainable solutions worldwide to promote nutrition, enhance and ensure product efficacy and improve product performance


Germany Evonik also announced recently that it will increase the price of its methacrylic resin product series by at least 10%, and some products will increase by 20%-25%. The effective date is January 1st, 2019

evonikindustriesag is a leading specialty chemical enterprise in the world. The main business focuses on the general trend of global development, namely health, nutrition, resource efficiency and globalization. In addition, Evonik operates in more than 100 countries around the world. In fiscal year 2014, Evonik's 33000 employees generated sales of 12.9 billion euros and operating profit (EBITDA) of 1.9 billion euros

it is understood that in early February 2018, BASF plant shut down due to failure, and the company's global supply of hexamethylene diamine and PA66 suffered force majeure. On February 16, 2018, Solvay announced that its adiponitrile plant in chalamp é, France, suffered from force majeure. NVIDIA's adiponitrile plant in the United States also experienced supply problems. The global market supply was significantly tightened, resulting in a shortage of goods in the market and a sharp rise in the quotation. It is noteworthy that the new TDI unit of Wanhua chemical has been put into operation by the end of the year, and the market supply has further increased

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