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The price is relatively stable, and the packaging focuses on the practical fragrance of May zongzi

how to choose and eat Zongzi

tomorrow is China's traditional festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the market demand for zongzi has soared. Smart businesses will not miss such an opportunity. What is the market situation of zongzi this year? After visiting several shopping malls and supermarkets, I found that the zongzi market was generally stable, and merchants and consumers were quite satisfied

there are various varieties and sufficient supplies

"pearls are wrapped inside the abdomen, and green silk and jade belts are tied around the waist". Small zongzi have become a good opportunity to make money. In order to seize the festival business opportunities, major supermarkets and shopping malls have introduced a large number of zongzi, which are set in a prominent position in the food area. On the first floor of Xidan shopping center, I saw more than ten kinds of zongzi with different fillings on the booth entering the door, such as bean paste, fresh meat, chestnut, ham, coconut paste, bacon, jujube paste... The salesperson told me that he had bought a lot of zongzi half a month ago, and the market was also good. Their zongzi basically sold out as soon as they were on the counter, "you're lucky today, if you don't sell enough on the Dragon Boat Festival day."

there are also many problems in Wal Mart supermarket, meilianmei supermarket, Yichu Lotus supermarket and Zhuangsheng Chongguang underground supermarket. I see all kinds of Zongzi on the shelf, with all kinds of flavors, and because of the early purchase and large quantity, they can basically meet the needs of customers. "It's too troublesome to make zongzi. Rice alone needs to soak for 3 to 4 hours. I'm very busy at ordinary times, so I don't plan to make it myself. There are many varieties in the supermarket, so I can choose my favorite taste, which is not expensive." Mr. Wang, who is shopping in meilianmei supermarket, told me

the price of products is really moderate

when visiting supermarkets and shopping malls, it was found that different from previous years, which focused on packaging quality and appearance, this year, while enriching the taste of zongzi, the price of zongzi is relatively stable, the packaging is also practical, and there is little fancy decoration. The price of the whole set is also relatively expensive. A supermarket, wings of France, learned all the advantages of the official ball "Samba glory" used in the 2014 football World Cup. The staff told: "the shelf life of zongzi is relatively short, and fresh zongzi can only last for 3 days in hot weather. Basically, everyone eats them on the day they buy them, and few gifts are given, so the packaging is generally simple and hygienic."

in Wal Mart Supermarkets, frozen and vacuum zongzi are mostly packed in plastic, while fresh zongzi are scattered and placed in containers for selection. The price of each zongzi is generally about 3 to 4 yuan. The most expensive gift box is more than 80 yuan and 24 zongzi. In the time-honored "daoxiangcun", vegetarian zongzi is 2 yuan and meat zongzi is 3 yuan, which is even cheaper. People who buy zongzi say such a price is acceptable

old brands are favored

the time-honored "daoxiangcun" Hufangqiao store is relatively quiet in the evening after work, and the staff easily provide services to a few customers. When he said he wanted to buy zongzi, he was told: please be early tomorrow. The original "Daoxiang village" today's zongzi have already sold out

in meilianmei supermarket across the street, the best sellers are zongzi of time-honored brands such as "daoxiangcun" and "wufangzhai". Such brand zongzi in supermarkets also account for more than half of the total, and the number of zongzi of other brands is very small. "It's also zongzi. These time-honored brands are reassuring to eat, and the price is not much higher than that of other brands." Mr. Wang said to him with a bag of zongzi from "wufangzhai"

information source: the current hot automobile industry economy

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