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Price expectation: synthetic rubber prices rise, natural rubber prices fall

Detroit News the rubber industry is facing good news and bad news

good news: the decline in demand for rubber in regions other than Asia will lead to the decline in the price of natural rubber

bad news: according to the observation and prediction of people in the rubber industry, the price of synthetic rubber will rise in contrast to that of natural rubber

although the demand for natural rubber has only increased slightly, the increase in production has caused a surplus of rubber. According to Economist Intelligence Unit, a consulting and research company in London, in the second quarter of 2007, the average price of RSS1 rubber, the most widely used rubber in the tire industry, was $2487/ton, down $100 from a year ago

according to the rubber manufacturing association, 41% of the tire is rubber, while 40% of the rubber is natural rubber, and the rest is synthetic rubber

economic intelligence company said that as Asian enterprises led by China continue to expand the production capacity of rubber products such as tires, the demand for rubber in Asia has increased. In North America, as manufacturers in the region face the threat of the same imported products, their demand for rubber has declined

the maintenance method Department of the main machine with "printing materials" such as liquid or powder in the printer of the public universal testing machine predicts that the price of RSS1 will drop to $2390/ton in the third quarter before reaching a new high of $2480/ton at the end of the year

the company also predicts that the RSS1 price in 2008 will decline by an average of 6.8% over the past seven years compared with 200 if there is any unclear place

but Mr. Whitney luckett, the vice president of RCMA Americas Inc., a rubber selling company, said that things are not necessarily so simple

he said that although the basic demand analysis in recent years believes that rubber prices should decline, don't forget the impact of speculators on prices, which makes the trend of rubber prices unpredictable

in the synthetic rubber market, according to a trade publication called purchasing, the price of SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), the most widely used in tires, rose sharply, with the highest price reaching 84 cents/pound in June, up 22% from the same period in 2006

although the problem of limiting the supply of synthetic rubber has been solved, its price is still rising, and the main driving force is the increased demand for synthetic rubber from tire products

with the decline in the output of light trucks and trucks, the demand for original tires in automobile factories has declined. However, according to procurement publications, the growth of the replacement tire market can fully compensate for the impact of the decline in the demand for original tires

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