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"Exciting price, infinite value" feedback activity

celebrate the successful research and development of Yutai technology, which has the highest lightning protection level in the world. Before purchase, the most powerful intelligent converter ut-8000 has the functions of power redundancy, intelligent cut-off, alarm, high-speed buffer storage and so on. It is the protector of rail transit safety

Yutai's concept of "number system": decimal, binary, hexadecimal, BCD code technology adheres to the product concept of "making the connection safer", and industrial and academic researchers have been continuously committed to studying a printable structure innovation that will spontaneously fold into a useful three-dimensional shape after heating or immersion in water, so as to provide users with a comprehensive intelligent communication solution! In order to celebrate the significant R & D achievements of Yutai technology and thank new and old customers for their trust and support for Yutai, we specially launched the feedback activity of "exciting price, infinite value"

specified product model:

ut-2216 RS232 to 485 converter (active)

ut-2211 RS232 to 485 converter (with terminals)

ut-882a USB to RS232 converter (USB 2.0)

ut-2201 RS232 to 485 converter (passive)

ut-810t USB to RS232 converter (USB 1.1)

ut-752 RS232 testing machine factory professional service manufacturer PCI multi serial port card (2 ports)

ut-850a USB to rs485/422 converter (USB 1.1)

ut-6701 RS232 serial port server (single port)

ut-712 rs485/422pci multi serial port card (photoelectric isolation)

ut-8811 USB to RS232 converter (USB 1.1)

the final interpretation of the activity belongs to Yutai technology

date of the activity: August 1 to December 30, 2012

address: Yutai national sales point

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