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Yankuang Group successfully participated in the development of M15 denatured methanol fuel

according to Yankuang Group, the M15 denatured methanol fuel developed by its subsidiary has passed the relevant appraisal if its mechanical properties fail to meet the standard, and the preliminary actual load identification: in the process of use, the test shows that the power performance, fuel consumption, cold start and tail gas emission of the M15 methanol gasoline added by it are better than 93 national standard gasoline

Yankuang Group is one of the units participating in the formulation of M15 methanol gasoline national standard. Previously, Guohong company, a subsidiary of its coal chemical company, successfully developed M15 clean denatured methanol fuel through technical cooperation with Shanghai internal combustion engine research institute, Shenzhen Chaomei Technology Co., Ltd. and Luhua coal water slurry pressurized gasification National Engineering Research Center, and passed the product quality supervision of Shandong Province. The @d host 1 must be grounded in the inspection and Research Institute last year

the experiment shows that using M15 clean methanol gasoline, the automobile engine does not need any change; It can be used alone or mixed with unleaded gasoline and ethanol gasoline. At present, this product is in the trial and promotion stage. It is reported that the national standard for M15 methanol gasoline for vehicles has been formulated, submitted to relevant departments for collegial discussion, and is expected to be released to the whole society soon

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