Year end evaluation of Diyuan instrument

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The year-end evaluation of Diyuan instruments

high end, intelligent water affairs, channel management, informatization, interconnection, multi-functional engineering, TPS lean production, TPM and TQM will become the key words of Diyuan in 2016. All departments will go all out around the company's planning and strategic objectives to build Diyuan brand and provide a greater development platform for employees, The annual year-end evaluation of di

Di yuan Instrument Co., Ltd. was completed from December 4, 2015 to January 25, 2016. This round of year-end evaluation is mainly divided into four parts:

1. personal summary of employees and selection of advanced workers: including learning, experience, work performance and completion, and aspects that need to be improved

2. year end work report of each department director and manager: including personal leadership, morality (work attitude), team and individual performance, team and growth, deficiencies and improvement

3. work summary of each department in 2015: including department mission, performance completion, team building, talent training, deficiencies and improvement measures

4. 2016 annual work plan of each department. The company has listed the annual summary and annual work plan of each department as the key points and arranged them to be reported at the company level weekly meeting. On the one hand, all departments learn from each other, on the other hand, they understand the work of each department, so as to facilitate better cooperation among departments

the R & D center is divided into four teams, i.e. machinery and process room, software room, hardware room and test room. The R & D center formulates the Department Mission (customer and business) in terms of product development (company strategy), product benchmarking, product safety assurance and other aspects. In 2015, the R & D center focused on the department mission, surrounded the company's four major products, namely electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and float flowmeter, and through development and innovation of different professional degrees, The new products af3 electromagnetic flowmeter, aj3 electromagnetic flowmeter, fh3 rotameter, multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter, at3 electromagnetic water meter and ultrasonic water meter have been put into the market for trial use. With the development of product technology, in order to improve the influence of new products and technologies in the market, the new products developed by the R & D center are also applied for scientific and technological innovation projects at or above the municipal level, and the promotion of new products and technologies is realized through application and acceptance: in 2015, 6 projects were applied for and 3 projects were accepted, and technical problems were solved in cooperation with Shanghai University and Nanjing University. In 2016, the R & D work will continue to be guided by the company's strategy, focusing on the achievement rate of new product development plan, the number of new products put into the market, the number of patent applications, the acceptance of three provincial new product projects, etc.

the marketing department will carry out various work from the implementation of departmental culture, the completion of key performance indicators, the implementation of 2015 conferences and exhibitions, the shortcomings of work, work analysis and improvement measures Key performance indicators in 2016 are reported in 7 aspects. By continuously improving the marketing system construction and performance appraisal mechanism, absorbing excellent marketing talents through localization policies, expanding the market through multiple channels, adding the attendance system of marketing personnel, cost budget performance management system and other measures, the Department has actively promoted the regional construction and other work, and built a diligent, sincere, intelligent and determined marketing team. In the case of economic downturn, the sales plan achievement rate in 2015 was 80.47% and 53 new customers were added. It is planned that the sales volume in 2016 will increase compared with last year. Meanwhile, it will move towards new goals, continuously cultivate new talents, improve the assessment and training mechanism, and improve the marketing work

the quality department shall report on the completion of measurement management, system operation and maintenance, completion of quality management objectives, Department deficiencies and improvement measures. In 2015, the quality management department tracked the on-site quality, improved the product quality, and focused on the standardization after solving problems. Standardization is formed after problem improvement to prevent recurrence of problems, improve overall quality, improve customer satisfaction, and actively participate in various improvement activities in combination with TPS lean production management mode, such as automation equipment transformation, design and production of energy-saving aging room of SMT department, aging and monitoring of wiring boards, so as to save space, increase output and improve efficiency

the production technology department has functional posts such as process technology, equipment management, informatization, procurement and scheduling, as well as metal processing workshop and assembly workshop. In 2015, the Department positioned itself as: 1) the coordination center of production, supply, marketing, technology, quality, finance and other functions; 2) Production and technological transformation center; 3) Cost control center; 4) Human resources development center; 5) Rationalization evaluation and optimization center. In line with the management concept of keeping improving in production and calculating carefully in cost, around the Department positioning and KPI indicators, implement the production tasks, upgrade the information system, and do a good job in maintaining the BOM database of products but not all experimental machines can achieve the desired test results. Improve the processing process of a single unit to reach the level of 100 tons/year, establish process process cards, process cards, operation instructions, etc., promote TPM work in combination with the workshop, make point inspection reference books, and train equipment users to cultivate operators' small fault handling skills

while the administrative and financial departments are doing well in all logistics support and service work in ° year, the administrative departments implement various assessment and management systems, carry out various learning and training work, and focus on talent training. The financial department shall strengthen the control of various expenses, give full play to the financial accounting and supervision functions, do a good job in financial budget management and reduce risks

high end, smart water, channel management, informatization, interconnection, multi-functional engineering, TPS lean production, TPM and TQM will become the key words of Diyuan in 2016. All departments will go all out around the company's planning and strategic objectives, make unremitting efforts for Diyuan brand construction, provide greater development platform for employees, and realize the beautiful vision of Diyuan. While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, Make contributions to mankind and society

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