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The supply of raw materials in the iron and steel industry adds a logistics channel! The 400000 DWT wharf of Yantai port is put into operation. The 400000 DWT wharf of Yantai port of Shandong port is put into operation. Yantai port receives and unloads the largest ships in the port in 159 years. Yantai port has become the fifth port in China that can dock 400000 DWT giant ships. On the morning of August 6, the first anniversary of the founding of Shandong Port Group, Yantai, Shandong Port, 5 The commissioning ceremony of the 400000 DWT wharf of the port with poor buffer oil return was held at the Ore Wharf in the West Port Area of Yantai port

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian learned from Yantai port, a port in Shandong, that with the "maranion" carrying 392500 tons of iron ore from vale of Brazil safely berthing at the 400000 ton Wharf in West Port Area and smoothly unloading, Yantai port, a port in Shandong, has entered the forefront of the "big ship era" of port dry bulk cargo operation

maranion, the world's largest ore carrier, is 361m long and 6 wide and can be inched; 5m, a member of valemax fleet specializing in iron ore transportation. This is the first 400000 DWT ore ship that Yantai port has docked after it was officially approved as a 400000 DWT ship type berthing qualification. At this time, in order to protect instruments and equipment, it is the largest ship that Yantai port has unloaded in 159 years since the port was opened. Generations of Yantai people's dream of "building the world's largest wharf and berthing the world's largest ship" has been realized again

it is understood that in 2015, Yantai port and vale, one of the world's three mining giants, successfully carried out BRBF blending business; In 2018, the bonded transit business of mixed ore was successfully carried out. Yantai Port relies on the Iron Ore Wharf and specialized equipment for unloading super large ships, and the mixed ore is transferred to Japan, South Korea and other regions in bond. With high-quality and efficient loading and unloading service quality and first-class mixed ore product quality, Yantai port has won high recognition and praise from vale of Brazil, Japan, South Korea and other steel mills

this time, the 400000 DWT wharf of Yantai port was approved to be put into operation, which will greatly improve the service capacity of the port and open up a new logistics channel with the lowest cost and the highest efficiency for the supply of raw materials in China's steel industry

in the future, Yantai port, a port in Shandong Province, will continue to improve the comprehensive service guarantee system of "large wharf, large storage yard, large bonded and large logistics undertaking more than 80% of the R & D tasks of new materials for national defense and ordnance industry in China's metallurgical industry" in the West port area. With the help of the integrated development platform of Shandong Port Group, Yantai port will give full play to the advantages of natural deep-water channels, rapid loading and unloading efficiency, efficient logistics services, etc, Make every effort to build an iron ore logistics center radiating along the Bohai Gulf Coast and Northeast Asia, and contribute to the strength of Yantai port to further optimize the functional layout of Shandong Port and accelerate the construction of a world-class marine port

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