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2011 year end inventory of automation industry. There are special fixtures and software. People use a nonsense song named "uneasy" to summarize 2011, not only because of the Mayan prophecy, but also because the road this year is full of ups and downs and thorns. In 2011, affected by the European debt crisis, the market situation of the automation industry was not smooth. Opportunities and challenges coexist, with sunset and solitary ducks flying together: the nuclear leakage caused by the earthquake in Japan has attracted global attention, thus changing the development pattern of global nuclear power; The fast-moving high-speed railway has also slowed down its progress due to the rear end collision accident; Due to the rush of wind power, there is a temporary surplus and the market is in chaos. A new automation cooperation mode has emerged, contributing to the transformation from made in China to created in China; The new products of each family are heroes with swords in the Jianghu; New opportunities in the automation market after the nuclear crisis; Emerging industries and various policies and plans issued during the 12th Five Year Plan; Labor shortage in manufacturing industry, economic transformation and upgrading and other factors have made robots hot and other good news, which has also brought new development and many expectations to the automation industry. Here, China industrial control briefly reviews, sorts and summarizes the market trends of the industrial automation industry in the past year for the readers

I Nuclear power and wind power are cooling down and entering a rest period. In March this year, the Fukushima nuclear power accident caused by an earthquake in Japan pushed the global nuclear power industry to the forefront, directly affecting the development of global nuclear power and economic losses. Countries have successively readjusted or strategically planned the nuclear power industry: tens of thousands of Germans took to the streets and asked the government to end all nuclear power facilities. Therefore, the German government announced that it would shut down nuclear power plants and switch to smart power in 2022, becoming the first country to give up nuclear power. Switzerland also says that it will gradually give up nuclear power generation, and the five nuclear power plants in its territory will stop operating after reaching the maximum service life of 50 years, which means that the last nuclear power plant in the country will be closed before 2034. Soon after, the electrical giant Siemens also announced that it would not build new nuclear power plants in response to the decision of the German government, which caused an uproar in the industry

although the Fukushima nuclear accident has temporarily slowed down the pace of China's nuclear power development, it has also brought thinking to the nuclear power industry: slowing down the pace is to go further. The slowdown of nuclear power has also indirectly brought many opportunities to the automation industry, including abb, Schneider and other companies' large-scale deployment of smart power in new fields. Wind power has gradually returned to rationality. Under the background of increasingly fierce industry competition and the continuous decline of fan prices, Shanghai Electric and Siemens jointly established a joint venture to expand production capacity, mainly based on two considerations. First, the joint venture may position its main business on large-scale special-purpose fan products to avoid excessive competition in the industry; On the other hand, although the growth rate of domestic wind power installed capacity slows down in the next few years, the absolute value of annual wind power installed capacity is still large. Both parties of the joint venture hope to integrate the advantages of Shanghai Electric and Siemens in wind power business and strongly participate in market competition

at the same time, it seems that the development of wind power is not smooth. After the great heat in 2010, many enterprises flocked to the market, resulting in overcapacity. In addition, disorderly competition, vague definition of standards and several wind power accidents have also poured cold water on the wind power industry

the wind power safety supervision report (2011) recently released by the State Power Regulatory Commission shows another problem of the wind power industry: the lack of core technology and management of wind power equipment. The report points out that China's wind power construction planning lacks overall planning, the technical level and product quality of wind power equipment need to be improved, the technical standards and testing work of wind power are lagging behind, and the design, construction, operation and dispatching management of wind farms are weak

II With the help of transformation and upgrading, robots ushered in the spring of development. In 2010, the turnover of robot manufacturers totaled 2billion euros, an increase of 24% year-on-year. The turnover in 2011 is expected to increase by at least 10% to 2.2 billion euros. The investment in robots in automobile industry, electronics industry, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage, handling, agriculture and other industries is expanding day by day. IFR estimates that by 2012, the number of industrial robots in operation in China will reach 60400 in terms of general laboratory machine manufacturers, with an average of nearly 8000 newly installed each year. According to the average price of US $million per robot, the annual market scale of China in the next few years will be more than 4billion yuan

with the demand for automation equipment caused by labor shortage and industrial upgrading, the demand for robots is also gradually rising. Foxconn, the largest electronic processing plant, said that it would add 1million robots to replace manpower in the next three years, and the scale would reach 1million

the manufacturers are unable to hold, and the market competition is on. The robot area occupying most of the area in the Industrial Expo is enough to show that abb, FANUC, Yaskawa, KUKA, Epson, Guangzhou CNC, etc. compete for excellence, and new products emerge one after another, attracting people's attention everywhere. YASKAWA Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan announced that it would establish a new subsidiary in Jiangsu Province of China in February, 2012 to produce and sell welding robots for automobile manufacturing. This is the first time Yaskawa has built a robot production base overseas

2011 is an undeniable fact in the industry. From the Guangzhou SIAF automation equipment exhibition at the beginning of the year, to the South China Automation Exhibition in the middle of the year, to the multi-national exhibition, and the Shanghai Industrial Expo, robots can become the most eye-catching focus in the venue. Next year, industrial transformation and upgrading will remain the focus. In addition, with the improvement of living standards, not only the industrial robot market is huge, but also the service robot market can not be underestimated

III The acquisition war continued to unfold

undertook frequent mergers and acquisitions in the industry in 2010, and the acquisition war continued to unfold in 2011. In 2011, the most concerned issue should be the acquisition of Lidehuafu by Schneider. Although this was expected, it still attracted great attention from the industrial control industry. Some people are helpless to sigh that another domestic high-tech enterprise has been acquired. At the moment of calling for the rise of local enterprises and building national independent brands, Lide Huafu, a well-known local enterprise endowed with high hopes by the industrial control industry, was acquired by Schneider, a foreign-funded electrical giant, which undoubtedly dealt a big blow to the industrial control personnel who were in high spirits and had a national complex

in addition, in September, abb and Guodian Nanjing established a joint venture company to strive to show their strength in smart electronics. Hollysys Group acquired Concord company of Canada, Huichuan technology acquired Changchun Huitong electronics for 20million yuan, and quickly entered the encoder industry. GE Energy Group successfully acquired Converteam, an automation equipment manufacturer, ABB acquired trasfor to expand its transformer business. Toshiba and multinational enterprises competed for the acquisition of langier instruments, Zhizhi aims at the smart electricity market, Schneider Electric's acquisition of Telvent Rio Tinto's emerging markets by US $1.36 billion, and so on. There are numerous acquisitions of various sizes. It is worth mentioning that Schneider and Hollysys have been relatively active in the market this year

in order to seek greater development of enterprises, expand emerging markets and consolidate their leading position, automation enterprises at home and abroad are expanding themselves in the fastest and most effective way, or they are trying to take the lead in the market segments by means of acquisition. Although it is regrettable that local enterprises have been acquired by foreign capital, from another perspective, it shows that Chinese local industrial control enterprises in the local market, whether in technology research and development or market share, are becoming a greater threat to international giants

IV The era of micro marketing and people-friendly marketing is coming.

microblogs seeking @, attention and diffusion are expanding in 2011. Most of the previous microblogs were personal territory. Subsequently, it attracted great attention of enterprises with its advantages of important and fast news sources and rapid dissemination and diffusion. Nowadays, various official microblogs of enterprises, individual microblogs of enterprise decision-makers, and even politicians have used this platform, showing a trend of one microblog for each person. As an automaton with extremely sensitive ability to the market, the electrical automation enterprises led by GE, Siemens industries, abb and Rockwell quickly extended their tentacles to microblog by virtue of the characteristics of microblog, such as low cost, direct, real-time, fast, strong interaction and easy to gather target audiences. The content mainly focuses on the dissemination of corporate culture ideas, corporate activities and product publicity in relaxed and humorous language

enterprise microblog marketing has just entered the exploratory stage in China. It can't even be called microblog marketing, but the exploitability is huge. Every Weibo user is a potential customer. Opening an account and sending a few microblogs is called microblog marketing. The ultimate goal of microblogging is to market to their own customers, or brand communication, or sales growth, or develop new customers, or increase the stickiness of old customers. However, the process and methods require enterprises to slowly explore and summarize a set of effective methods

the above mentioned micro marketing, so I have to mention people-friendly marketing here. In the eyes of the public, the publicity of mass consumer goods generally plays the perceptual card, while industrial products give people a cold feeling, and they are aimed at some consumer groups. Therefore, they believe that they should belong to rational products and should exist in professional rational publicity carriers. Recently, however, we have found that the publicity of industrial enterprises such as electrical automation has also begun to play the perceptual card, such as Siemens' short film stories, ABB's TV advertisements, GE's clever borrowing of the east wind, etc. this practice, such as throwing stones into the river, has aroused thousands of waves in the industry. The advertising and marketing of electric automation enterprises are moving away from the naked product technology publicity, and gradually changing to the people-friendly. This kind of advertising method is mostly oriented to the public consumers, and carries out friendly interaction with the public in a more perceptual and people-oriented advertising form, so that their products and brands are well known by the people. As the saying goes, those who win the hearts of the people win the world. From the perspective of the actions and services of the above electrical giants, which are becoming more and more important in the enterprise, and the most popular microblog marketing method at present, industrial advertising is no longer a cold image, and the era of people-friendly advertising marketing is slowly coming

v High speed rail, elevator and industrial network information cause safety thinking

safety should be the first in seeking development. This is indeed a disturbing year. No one can forget the shock and injury caused to the Chinese people by the rear end collision accident caused by defects in signal equipment in the July 23 Ningbo Wenzhou high speed railway accident. Until December 28, the high-speed railway accident investigation report was published: the particularly serious railway traffic accident on Ningbo Wenzhou line on July 23 was caused by serious design defects in the equipment of the train control center, lax inspection on the use of the train control center, poor emergency response after equipment failure caused by lightning strike and other factors

this event pushed China's high-speed rail to the forefront of public opinion at that time. China's railway construction encountered an unprecedented crisis of trust. People blamed this event for the great leap forward in the development of China's high-speed rail. Due to the separate introduction of high-speed rail technologies from France, Japan and Germany, the domestic R & D force is dispersed, the digestion and absorption capacity is relatively limited, and the key parts still need to be imported, which brings hidden dangers to the high-speed rail technology integration. There is nothing wrong with integrating foreign technology routes, but it is obvious that we have cheated in introducing technology. Never forget the past and learn from the future, Although the high-speed railway will cool down in a short time, it can not

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