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Ye Shengji of China Automobile Association: this year's production and sales of new energy vehicles are expected to exceed that of last year. "This year's automobile industry has experienced ups and downs, with a sharp decline after nearly four months. But on the whole, China's automobile industry has remained relatively stable. This year's automobile production and sales are expected to reach last year's level, of which the production and sales of new energy vehicles are expected to reach or even exceed last year's level." On December 3, yeshengji, chief engineer and Deputy Secretary General of China automobile industry (6) association, who can set up verification in the verification process, said at the world intelligent automobile conference

(4) maximum load elongation and failure elongation

Ye Shengji said that China has become the world's largest automobile market. From 2006 to 2017, China's automobile industry developed at a high speed and continued to transform and upgrade, with an average annual growth rate of 15.6%; From 2017 to 2020, the development of the automobile industry entered the stage of platform adjustment, with an average annual growth rate of -1.0%; Entering the 14th five year development period, China's automobile industry is expected to show steady growth

factor 4: the power source (electromechanical) of the tensile testing machine is also called motor

in addition, the policy guidance also provides a strong industry background for the innovation and development of intelligent vehicles. In the smart car innovation and development strategy issued in February this year, it is clear to build a collaborative and open smart car technology innovation system, a cross-border integrated smart car industry ecosystem, an advanced and complete smart car infrastructure system, a systematic and perfect smart car regulations and standards system, a scientific and standardized smart car product supervision system, and a comprehensive and efficient smart car network safety system. The new energy vehicle industry development plan (2021-2035) issued last month pointed out that we should adhere to the development direction of electrification, 3. The main motor source of the tensile testing machine has power but the equipment can not move up and down, and be intelligent. We should deeply implement the national strategy for the development of new energy vehicles, promote the high-quality and sustainable development of China's new energy vehicle industry, and accelerate the construction of a powerful automobile country

it is worth mentioning that, led by the changes in electrification, intelligence and integration, the automotive industry has experienced a hundred years of development. With the evolution of the vehicle architecture, the traditional development and design process has been continuously rebuilt, and the era of redefining the automobile with software as the core is coming

Ye Shengji said that data-driven software will be the development trend of the automotive industry in the future. At the same time, high-tech giants represented by Huawei have entered the automotive industry strongly, providing more and better solutions for the upgrading of traditional vehicles. More and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the collection of vehicle use management data, including vehicle control information, information collected from the surrounding environment, user number settings, etc

"in the future, the development of the smart car industry needs massive data support. The research and development of automatic driving technology needs massive human driving data samples, and virtual simulation tests are used to promote the continuous optimization of automatic driving strategies. In the future, data will become the information assets and strategic resources of enterprises."

it is worth noting that insufficient data volume directly affects the progress of automatic driving technology. At present, the data volume of a single car enterprise is far from meeting the billions of miles of data accumulation required for automatic timing above L4 level. The current industry has not yet formed an effective data sharing ecosystem. In addition, the data between enterprises cannot be accessed and shared, resulting in insufficient stability and security of automatic driving algorithm

Ye Shengji also pointed out that the regulatory and standard system needs to be improved, the autonomous and controllable industrial chain needs to be formed, the acceptance of the smart car by the society needs to be tested, the smart car safety system needs to be further improved, the infrastructure investment is large, and the commercialization model is not clear. All these are the main problems faced by the development of smart cars

"the development of intelligent vehicles requires the concerted efforts of all links of the industrial chain, supply chain and relevant enterprises. The most important thing is to realize the sharing and association of big data." Ye Shengji finally said

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