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The ancients said that food is the most important thing for the people. Three meals a day is of great importance to the Chinese people. It dominates the dietary health of a family. With the rise of kitchen culture, the kitchen has become a living space to promote family emotions and enjoy food fun. The space of the kitchen is changing, and at the same time, the positioning of the space is changing. For this reason, Cohen has been thinking about how to make people eat healthier and how to create more possibilities while meeting functional needs

in 2018, the R & D team of Cohen appliances, after long-term research and investigation, designed and developed a series of new products that are more suitable for kitchen life according to the current situation of kitchens across the country! During this period, the top ten brands of integrated stoves Cohen D202 integrated stoves came into being. From appearance design to internal wiring; The R & D personnel of Cohen appliance have experienced countless sleepless nights to create the current D202 integrated stove. After countless trials, the selection of each component and the design of each module have achieved the most perfect results

Cohen D202 integrated stove, one of the top ten brands of integrated stove, not only has beautiful appearance and powerful function, but also the modular segmentation management has greatly extended the service life of the integrated stove. Modular management overcomes the weakness of ordinary integrated stove cleaning, is convenient and fast, and is perfectly combined with the cabinet, which greatly improves the adaptability of the space, and has unique innovations in terms of appearance, function and performance. It can clearly find the faulty module and even repair and replace the module, which greatly saves customers' use costs

in addition, Cohen D202, one of the top ten brands of integrated stoves, has a number of convenient designs. The head shelf design effectively increases space utilization and cooking is more handy. The intelligent linkage design of the smoke stove enables you to turn on the smoking system synchronously and instantaneously when you need to cook. With the aviation turbocharging technology, you can smoke the lower row vigorously and clean the smoke efficiently, so there is no need to wait for life; In addition, the creative ideas of falling in love at first sight, such as upper and lower fashionable atmosphere lights, intelligent touch screen, automatic cleaning of thermal oil, and removable smoke deflectors, make you feel more good about Cohen D202 integrated stove every minute; At the same time, its intelligent monitoring system monitors the working state of the electronic firewall in real time to ensure the safety of use

more intimate design and more perfect function are the commitment and confidence of Cohen people! How can the kitchen only be a supporting role? It is the show of life. Cohen D202 integrated stove, one of the top ten brands of integrated stove, has gathered the painstaking efforts of Cohen's R & D department. As an advocate of the whole category, Cohen appliances will be down-to-earth and will create a safe, intelligent and green kitchen life for families across the country with better quality and excellent performance





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