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Nowadays, the household industry is developing rapidly, and enterprises must open a new development path to develop. Kanoya customized home experience hall has now been fully opened, bringing customers and dealers a new personalized and customized overall home experience

with the expansion of consumers' demand for personalized customization, 2015 ushered in a greater wave of customization. At present, in Guangzhou, the largest customized furniture industry base in China, most furniture manufacturers are competing to enter the customized furniture industry. "Customization" has become a marketing means for terminal agents to attract customers

with the strong development momentum of customized home furnishings, the entry of many cross domain brands has worsened the competition. Therefore, actively looking for personalized innovation, close to fashion trends in the field of customized home furnishings to focus on issues to be considered. At present, some leading enterprises have increased investment in innovative design, especially in the end consumer experience to explore an innovative way. For example, canoya customized home experience hall has recently been fully opened to consumers, dealers and partners. As the largest customized home experience hall with an area of nearly 3000 square meters in the industry, the exhibition hall has more than 10 exhibition areas of American, Chinese, French, European and other styles, covering luxurious, noble, simple, modern and other design styles, which not only perfectly explains the unique charm of the overall customized home, but also brings customers and dealers a new experience of personalized customized overall home




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