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On July 8, 2014, Melos will participate in the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo with its brand new products, and will display its style in the 020 event of the July exhibition with a beautiful joining gift package and preferential joining policies

in 2014, China's home furnishing market will usher in new changes. As the consumer groups are gradually dominated by the post-80s and post-90s generation, the young generation with outspoken personality has a higher demand for furniture diversification. Melos, known as the "leader of the overall wardrobe", has been guided by the needs of consumers since its inception. In the process of development, it has not only won a huge market share, but also won the love of consumers. On July 8, 2014, Melos will participate in the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo with its brand new products, and will display its style in the o2o event of the July exhibition with its exquisite joining gift package and preferential joining policies

new surprises of the exhibition, online and offline play together

"o2o activity of July China Construction Expo" is planned by the professional home building materials investment promotion website - Home hotline, and jointly organized by the organizer of Guangzhou Construction Expo - China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation. The purpose is to preheat the exhibition in advance, increase the exposure of brands before the exhibition, and better gather more dealers throughout the country during the exhibition

participating brands will provide a certain amount of vouchers as a special franchise discount. Dealers can get vouchers by making an appointment in advance on the event page. If they finally reach cooperation with the brand at the exhibition, they can use vouchers on items such as franchise fees, deposits, payment for goods (the specific use method depends on the brand investment rules), so as to reduce franchise investment. Brands without exhibition plans can also participate in this event. In the "view outside the exhibition" section, brands that cannot attend the exhibition also give the same preferential treatment to the China Construction Expo, expanding the influence of the China Construction Expo beyond the exhibition

exquisite gift package delivery, "I open a shop, you 'golden camp"

during the exhibition, dealers who join Melos through the exhibition o2o activities can obtain vouchers worth 3000 yuan. The detailed rules for the use of vouchers are as follows:

1. Non cash, not against the intention deposit, not against the quality assurance deposit, not against the payment for goods, not against the specified exhibition time, signed customers use, expired and invalid

2. During the exhibition, only 23 sheets will be used. (each of the 23 provinces in the country is limited to one voucher.)

3. The face value of meelas Melos token is limited to 3000. Offset the product design fee. (for example, provide vouchers 3000. The manufacturer can design products for free for 6 months)

at this exhibition, Melos also launched a new investment policy in July, that is, "Melos is free of three charges and one free, I open a store, and you 'gold' camp". For details, you can consult on site during the exhibition to ensure constant surprise, many discounts, and easy to join

brand introduction

Guangzhou meroz Furniture Co., Ltd. is a brand wardrobe and supporting furniture customization enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales and service. It has a standard production base of nearly 20 mu, equipped with international leading full-automatic production lines such as German Haomai, takes the lead in introducing German high imitation solid wood panel technology, and carries out technical cooperation with international well-known enterprises such as German Hooke and German Ruihao, with strong technical strength. Melos is the first in the industry to create classic works such as solid wood polished texture shadowless board and printless wardrobe. Its products include wardrobe, bookcase, wine cabinet, cloakroom, sliding door, supporting furniture, etc., providing customers with personalized and experiential quality services and products. The research and development of each product of the company is market-oriented, fashionable in style and exquisite in workmanship, which has been warmly pursued by the majority of consumers

Melos has been adhering to the management tenet of "people-oriented, quality-oriented, excellence and strive for perfection", continuously improving the quality of employees, product and service quality, innovative technology and production capacity, and providing customers with professional and comprehensive solutions. In terms of social responsibility, Melos abides by the law, operates in good faith, and is committed to creating a working and living environment for employees to grow, live and work in peace and contentment

before 2013, Guangzhou Melos Furniture Co., Ltd. aimed at the European and American foreign trade market, and officially transferred to the domestic market in March 2013 to establish the Melos wardrobe brand. At present, there are exclusive stores of Melos wardrobe brand in 35 cities across the country. The products integrate the current European and American popular elements, from the purchase of raw materials to the docking of production equipment, and cooperate with the world's top suppliers, including German Ruihao edge banding and German Shatt decorative paper, German Haomai CNC equipment, German wrestling King glue, Italian taval hardware. In July, 2013, it participated in the Guangzhou Construction Expo for the first time with the investment attraction mode of "I open a store, you operate". It was the world's first solid wood polishing - shadowless, printless wardrobe, which won the respect and alliance of the industry





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