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The competition in the decoration industry is fierce, and all kinds of capital are added to make this market competitive. Many decoration companies will avoid design fees to attract customers, but how can there be free lunch in the world? The wool is always on the sheep. I'll give you a free design fee today and make it up from other places tomorrow. Susan knows this well, so he plans to make the decoration design drawings by himself, so that when negotiating with the decoration company, he can use the actual price as much as possible, so as not to add too many items later

I began to contact decoration companies from shopping in the home building materials market, and also tried to get major and small companies to quote prices separately. I always felt that they either covered up the first few, and slowly increased the price for you in the process of water and electricity transformation; Or the overall quotation is on the high side, and the quotation does not include the designer's drawings. Through the summary, the decoration company can only provide you with the overall design and project supervision. Personally, I feel that the aesthetics and ability of some decoration company designers are really difficult to compliment. The supervision is the company's own, so there is no reason not to speak for their own people. At first, I thought that decoration is, after all, about the home of my own life. It's better to do it by myself. In addition, I like to do it by myself. In addition, I also have some aesthetic and artistic skills (self-taught, purely amateur). So, I took the road of choosing a reliable decoration team by myself. Practice has proved that it is quite reliable! Talk less and go straight to the text

as mentioned above, the overall pattern of our house is good. The pattern changes little. The wife's principle is that the functional areas of the house are relatively independent, so that activities in the functional areas will not affect each other, and unnecessary walking back and forth can be avoided. Among them, the following places need to be increased or decreased:

1. The kitchen space is too small, and the old wall needs to be demolished to build a new wall

2. There is a completely useless and light blocking storage room in the restaurant that needs to be removed

3. The entrance door is directly opposite to the porch at the beginning, and false walls and beams need to be built

the layout has been slightly modified. The room has no designed porch position, and the restaurant reserves the right direction of the entrance door. We think it's not beautiful to see the table as soon as we open the door. So he knocked out the storage room on the left side of the entrance door and put the table vertically. The place directly opposite the entrance door was made into a porch, and the right side of the entrance door was used as the place for changing shoes. Although the space directly opposite the entrance door is relatively empty and wasteful, we all feel that it is more beautiful and comfortable. Although the furniture hasn't entered the market yet, and I don't count it in my heart, anyway, facts speak louder than words. Let's wait and see the result

if we discuss our own design, it means that the decoration workers listen to your arrangement. The width of the false wall you ask him to make is as wide as it is, and the size of the hole you ask him to make is as large as it is. If the size is unreasonable or it is not beautiful, the decoration team of others is not responsible. Therefore, without a three-dimensional simulation tool, it is impossible to determine the dimensions, let alone design. One day, my wife showed me a three-dimensional picture excitedly on MSN, saying that it was made by myself, but to be honest, that picture was too bad, just a cube. However, after returning home from work that day, my wife made a three-dimensional map with the indoor size we measured on the spot, which is called a stick! At that time, I gave him a bear hug that he was a genius. This is the truth. You can see it by looking down at the picture

figure 2.3.1 this is the most original plan

the part drawing the oval circle is to be demolished and built, and the part drawing the box is nothing at all

figure 2.3.2 the three-dimensional diagram I made with software is the overall aerial view

the circled part is the effect after the change, and you can also clearly see the position of the table

here are several regional sub maps:

figure 2.3.3 aerial view of the restaurant porch

figure 2.3.4 aerial view of the living room

figure 2.3.5 aerial view of the kitchen

figure 2.3.6 aerial view of the master bedroom

figure 2.3.7 aerial view of the second bedroom

figure 2.3.8 aerial view of the bathroom

look at the position of this toilet, too.Right door &hellip& hellip; And the toilet was in the middle, and neither side was leaning against it. At that time, it was very depressed

the above patterns were all done by us at home after work before the decoration team started, which was really hard work. Now look back at these most basic renderings, which are almost the same as the actual ones, so I lost this design software at the beginning

I don't know if I've made a clear introduction. Let's get together first

after reading Susan's own design drawings, are you stupid to try? However, you should still know some basic knowledge of design. After all, the focus is on design, not just drawing a drawing




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