Phoenix Contact wins the award with Hermes Award

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Phoenix Contact and Hermes award-winning products will appear in Beijing Automation Exhibition

Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Automation Exhibition) will be held in the National Convention Center on June, 2012. This is the first appearance of Beijing Automation Exhibition after officially joining the family of Hannover industrial automation global series exhibitions. As the big winner of the 2012 Hannover Industrial Expo, phoenix contact will continue the excellence of the Hannover exhibition, bring its subsidiary brand kW software together to bring innovative automation technology show to the audience, and display a strong lineup of products and solutions: including perfect surge protection solutions for power supply, measurement and control, communication and antenna feeder systems, among which, Lm-s lightning monitoring system won the Hermes award at the 2012 Hannover Industrial Expo; In line spring connected ultra-thin relay, macx series multi-functional signal isolation transmitter, Quint UPS IQ intelligent uninterruptible power supply, redundant module using ACB technology, empro power monitoring module and other electronic interface products; Distributed I/O systems supporting various fieldbuses and ethers, a new generation of high-performance redundant controllers based on real-time industrial Ethernet PROFINET, compact and powerful easy automation controller products, a new generation of ultra-thin industrial computer valueline, industrial Ethernet, wireless and industrial network security solutions; As the world's leading IEC61131 software provider, kW software will also exhibit SoftPLC, softmotion and security PLC solutions to share the charm of software technology

in addition, on June 21, phoenix contact will participate in the 3rd arc China Industry Forum 2012 and give a speech with the theme of wireless future and infinite wonderful Phoenix Contact wireless system solutions in the sub forum of industrial network solutions. You are welcome to have on-site communication with Phoenix Contact technicians

exhibition information:

2012 Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition

location: National Convention Center, No. 7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

time: June, 2012

Phoenix Contact booth No.: e1-a008

Phoenix Contact sincerely welcomes you

key new products on display:

lm-s lightning monitoring system

as the only winner of 2012 Hermes Technological Innovation Award (to ensure that there is more than 70cm space around the experimental machine for experiment and normal operation, its dielectric performance ranks first in the bright surface with ceramic luster matched with plastic; protect Hermes Award), Phoenix Contact lm-s lightning monitoring system is the star product of 2012 Hanover Industrial Expo, Attracted a lot of attention. Lm-s lightning monitoring system is mainly used to protect products and equipment in various high-risk environments: lightning is the main cause of equipment damage. Phoenix Contact lightning monitoring system can realize continuous monitoring of lightning flash and simplify the overhaul and maintenance of the system. The lightning monitoring system monitors the lightning current according to Faraday effect, and the evaluation unit analyzes the typical parameters of lightning characteristics, such as maximum current intensity, polarity, lightning current rise rate, electric load and energy. The higher-level management system can process and evaluate these information. In addition, the system helps to ensure the continuous operation of the system and increase the reliability of power supply. It can optimize the maintenance method and reduce the maintenance cost

RFC 460r PN 3Tx high performance redundant controller

Phoenix Contact's new generation of high performance redundant controller based on real-time industrial Ethernet PROFINET - RFC 460r PN 3Tx has three Ethernet ports, which are respectively used to connect the synchronous optical fiber between redundant PLCs, upper monitoring system and remote sub stations. Connecting two RFC 460r PN 3Tx controllers through optical fiber can easily form a redundant control system. At the same time, the remote sub station is connected through PROFINET to meet the application requirements. In the implementation of the project, it is only necessary to set IP address and other parameters and write programs for one redundant controller, and the auto sync function of RFC 460r PN 3Tx will automatically synchronize the parameter settings and programs to another controller. The main PLC controls and manages the operation of the system. When the main PLC fails, the standby PLC immediately takes over the control of the system seamlessly to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the system. After replacing the faulty PLC, the auto sync function will automatically synchronize the settings, programs and operation status to the new PLC. Even if the synchronous optical fiber fails, the PLC can realize data synchronization through PROFINET network

RFC 460r PN 3Tx controller follows PROFINET standard and realizes equipment integration optimization. The controller has built-in high-resolution display screen to display all local status information, error status and other diagnostic information in the form of text. The distance between two standard SFP controllers can be up to 80 kilometers, which can meet the requirements of the most different SFP modules! In addition, the new controller also integrates the web function, which can be redundantly connected with any SCADA system through OPC server. The program design adopts the Chinese programming software PC Worx that complies with IEC standards, which is more in line with the usage habits of the majority of engineers


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