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Organic chemical raw material caprolactam new green environmental protection production industry

the project "engineering development of new process of cyclohexanone oxime gas phase Beckmann rearrangement fixed bed" completed by the Research Institute of petroleum and chemical industry in cooperation with Baling Petrochemical has passed the technical appraisal organized by SINOPEC

the identification shows that the production of caprolactam by using the sulfur free amination and environment-friendly gas phase Beckmann rearrangement fixed bed new process has good economic and social benefits, and it is recommended to carry out the industrial application test of this project as soon as possible. This technology is innovative. It has applied for 8 invention patents and has independent intellectual property rights

the gas phase Beckmann rearrangement process uses high silica molecular sieve as catalyst and does not produce ammonium sulfate by-product. It is an environment-friendly green new process. At present, only Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. of Japan has successfully developed the new technology of gas phase Beckmann rearrangement fluidized bed. Some domestic universities and scientific research institutions have studied the gas-phase Beckmann rearrangement reaction of solid acid catalysts, developed relevant catalyst systems, and achieved some understanding

the application of RS-1 (all silicon-1) molecular sieve and rbs-1 catalyst developed by the Academy of stone Sciences in the gas phase Beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime determines its material fixed bed new process, and has achieved good results. Since 2001, Sinopec has successively initiated five projects, including "Research on new process of cyclohexanone oxime gas phase Beckmann reaction", "industrial side line test of 800 t/a cyclohexanone oxime gas phase Beckmann rearrangement process", "pilot scale up of cyclohexanone oxime gas phase Beckmann rearrangement catalyst preparation", "Research on new process of refining cyclohexanone oxime gas phase rearrangement products" and "Research on new process of caprolactam refining", to develop the process of gas phase rearrangement reaction At present, Haier Internet factory innovation has achieved positive results, and good progress has been made in the optimization of reaction atmosphere process conditions, molecular sieve synthesis, catalyst preparation, product separation, purification and refining

in order to solve the problems encountered in the development of a new process for cyclohexanone oxime gas-phase Beckmann rearrangement, Shi 7. In case of power failure or common faults leading to shutdown, the Academy of Sciences and Baling Petrochemical jointly apply to Sinopec for the project of "development and research of cyclohexanone oxime gas-phase Beckmann rearrangement Engineering Technology". The project also investigates and optimizes the process operation conditions, solves the technical problems in the process of process amplification, and obtains the relevant data required for industrial amplification, which lays a good foundation for the technical economy of new processes, which is why it is evaluated and industrialized in the new consumption period

through joint research, the project team completed the scale-up test of synthesizing silica-1 molecular sieve in reaction reactors with different volumes of 1 cubic meter, 2 cubic meters and 5 cubic meters, established the molecular sieve production process flow, catalyst (rbs-1) extrusion molding process formula and post-treatment formula, opened up the process of catalyst industrial production, and solved the related problems in the scale-up process of cyclohexanone oxime gas phase Beckmann rearrangement fixed bed technology project. They conducted a catalyst stability evaluation test on the industrial side line device of the gas-phase Beckmann rearrangement process. After 700 hours of operation, the conversion of cyclohexanone oxime was more than 99.9%, and the selectivity of caprolactam reached 96.5%, realizing the stable operation of the whole process. After the crude caprolactam produced was crystallized, refined and hydrotreated in the laboratory, the PM value, extinction value, volatile base and other indicators of caprolactam products reached the indicators of superior products

caprolactam is an important organic chemical raw material, which is mainly used in the production of nylon 6 engineering plastics and nylon fibers. It has broad application and development space. At present, the industrial production methods of caprolactam mainly include phenol method, cyclohexane oxidation method, toluene method, photo nitrosation method, etc., of which 90% of the production processes need to be rearranged by cyclohexanone oxime Beckmann

there are two main processes for preparing caprolactam from cyclohexanone oxime: liquid phase Beckmann rearrangement and gas phase Beckmann rearrangement. Beckmann rearrangement in liquid phase occurs under the catalysis of fuming sulfuric acid, and then it is further neutralized with ammonia to obtain caprolactam and ammonium sulfate. With long industrialization time, mature technology and stable product quality, this process is the most widely used caprolactam production process in the world at present. However, there are also many deficiencies. First, it consumes ammonia and fuming sulfuric acid with high economic value, and produces a large amount of low value and low efficiency fertilizer ammonium sulfate by-product, producing 1 ton of caprolactam and 1.6 tons of ammonium sulfate at the same time; Second, there is equipment corrosion and environmental pollution

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