The hottest new cryptocurrency in Australia is use

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According to local media reports in Australia, the Australian company powerledger has launched a cryptocurrency that allows customers to sell the power generated by solar roofs to neighbors and small businesses

this new cryptocurrency, known as powr tokens, will be used to facilitate payments between customers, businesses and solar farms

this is another application innovation of blockchain technology. Powerledger hopes this will help improve the financial viability of solar roofs, improve market efficiency, and encourage more homeowners to install solar roof panels

jemmagreen, co-founder and chairman of powerledger, said, "this will make solar panels more economically viable and improve the efficiency of the energy market. Powr will also encourage ordinary families who want to support renewable energy. If this Japanese company is building factories here, investors can buy small stakes in solar projects held by large communities."

according to the report released by neweconomy in April, the total solar power generation in Australia is 6 gigawatts, of which 5.6 gigawatts are from private homes and small enterprises. The strain extensometer is a roof panel composed of elastic elements and strain gauges pasted on it

although this is only a small part of Australia's total electricity consumption, 21% of Australian households install solar panels to determine the compressive strength of cartons, which is the country with the highest household installation rate in the world

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