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The voice for environmental protection is getting louder and louder. Many countries have strengthened the research on environmental protection plastic bags. For example, using corn as raw material is one of the important methods

Australia has recently launched a new type of ring on the market, and it is also a necessary plastic bag to start safely from the product experiment. This product uses corn starch as raw material, which can be dissolved in water and has remarkable environmental protection effect. At present, it is mainly used for the packaging of biscuits, chocolate and other foods. It is reported that the company plans to launch multi-purpose plastic bags within this year

Wilkinson manufacturing company of the United States recently launched polylactic acid (PLA) heating molding packaging material with corn as raw material. This product is mainly used for the packaging of fresh food. At present, it has been used in Europe and Asia, whether in regional malls or global malls. It is reported that this product can replace petroleum resin and has registered the registered trademark of "natural polymer 275 fire smoke exhaust fan lactic acid plastic"

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