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Production capacity status of major domestic carbon fiber manufacturers

there are only more than a dozen domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of carbon fiber

"China is still in the development stage of carbon fiber composites, and has not formed a real industrialization scale", a person in charge of the China composite society told

composite material is to mix two materials together, and its performance is more obvious than that of a single material, such as carbon fiber, aramid fiber, etc. Han Mei, a researcher at CSC, said in an interview, "carbon fiber and glass fiber 5D are relatively light in weight and material. Such materials are very suitable for aerospace, rail transit and other fields."

Han Mei believes that if the carbon fiber and other composite materials industry can develop smoothly, it will also be of great significance to China's energy conservation and emission reduction. "For example, if the shell of a car is made of composite materials, the weight of the car body will be reduced, and the fuel consumption will also be reduced."

it is understood that at present, the consumption structure of carbon fiber in the world is concentrated in three aspects: industrial application, aerospace and sports leisure. At present, industrial application accounts for 58% of the total consumption; Aerospace applications accounted for 23%, and sports equipment applications accounted for 19%

according to the Research Report of CSC, the pattern of carbon fiber supply exceeding demand will be maintained until 2011, and the supply and demand will be basically balanced by 2012. The rapidly growing industry demand after 2013 is expected to make the industry develop towards the trend of supply exceeding demand

it is understood that China's carbon fiber production capacity accounts for only about 0.4% of the world's total output of high-performance carbon fiber. "The self-sufficiency rate has increased to more than 16% in 2009, but it still depends on imports, and there is a big gap in quality and scale compared with foreign countries."

according to expert statistics, there is a large demand for carbon fiber composites in China, with a figure of about 10000 tons, while the production capacity is only 4000-5000 tons. With the attention of the state when the sample is damaged, the production capacity is further improved. The production capacity during the "12th Five Year Plan" period can meet the development needs. At present, there are more than ten manufacturers specializing in the production of carbon fiber in China, but the high-end application technology still needs to be broken through. If it is not broken through, the overall level will not go up

Sinosteel Jitan: carbon fiber leading stock

the company currently focuses on developing carbon fiber projects. The carbon fiber market is now in the midst of rapid development, and the world's carbon fiber demand will grow at a rate of about 13% per year. In 2010, China's carbon fiber demand reached about 10000 tons, but at present, there are 23 domestic carbon fiber production enterprises with a total capacity of 4000 tons. The action plan to promote the development of general aviation industry is formulated/year, and the scale is less than 1000 tons. The cost is high, and the market development potential is huge. The carbon fiber project invested by the company in Jiangcheng started construction in 2008. The first phase of 500 ton/year production line construction will not only be put into operation in August of this marathon, but the second phase of 1500 ton/year production line construction will be put into operation at the end of 2012. At that time, the annual production capacity of Jiangcheng carbon fiber company will reach 2000 tons, becoming an important domestic carbon fiber production base. The company currently owns 30% equity of Jiangcheng carbon fiber company

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