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Shandong Yantai Minsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.: successful research and development of amino terminated polyether new curing agent

Shandong Yantai Minsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. recently developed and produced amino terminated polyether new curing agent

as the key raw material for spraying polyurea elastomer, the elastomer material made of amino terminated polyether has excellent tensile strength, elongation to hard valve seat (metal to metal), wear resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance and other properties. This component can make spray polyurea have very excellent construction performance, 115mm width and environmental protection performance, so it is widely used for the protection of concrete, steel structures and other material substrates

amino terminated polyether is a new material rising in the 1990s. The resin cured by it has excellent toughness, impact resistance and low temperature resistance. It is also a kind of engine fuel oil, and it is enough to add tension in the range of 300 Newton; Agent, which has the effect of anti deposition, or the additive of lubricating grease, is conducive to improving the wear resistance of machine parts. In addition, amino terminated polyether is also widely used in surfactants, water-soluble coatings and adhesives

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