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New concept packaging design and Teaching

Abstract: packaging design is facing an era of conceptual change. In the teaching of packaging design, we emphasize the leading concept, the "big self design" and the "ecological concept", and promote green packaging, the breakthrough of packaging forms and the innovation of packaging materials, which have achieved very good teaching results.

key words: packaging design; Packaging education; New concept packaging

social development education comes first, and the concept of educational development comes first. Education cannot lag behind! We must have the idea of taking the lead to promote teaching reform. Only in this way can we stand in the forefront. We need to reflect on packaging design, packaging culture and packaging education first! In the 20th century, all walks of life have made great progress, and packaging has also become a major industry in the decades at the end of the 20th century. But at the same time of great development, we are faced with great destruction, great loss of control, great imbalance and great shortage. Human creativity is at its peak, and the coordination of the universe is facing collapse. The prosperous development of packaging is also inevitable to be abnormal. The development of packaging fully demonstrates people's wisdom and ignorance, and reflects the aggressiveness and limitations of the era of packaging design and packaging teaching. While making achievements, we are making excess, backward, ecological destruction, visual pollution, demagogic, and lack of correct ideas. For our design in the new century, we must deeply reflect. I. packaging design education lags behind the market. The education program that has been unchanged for decades, how to adapt to the great changes in the economy and the rapid development of society, is a topic we face. If it is not a fundamental change in ideas, only the adjustment, addition and deletion of some courses will not lead to real education reform. Packaging design is the discipline closest to the market and commodities. Its commercialized characteristics lead to worldliness 〓 utilitarianism and decoration, eagerness for quick success and instant benefit, lack of society, lack of cultural ideas, lack of pioneering research and development prediction, resulting in design in a narrow self and utilitarian category. If there is a foam economy, there will be a foam packaging. Is there no packaging crisis if there is an economic crisis? In an era when new ideas and thoughts are superimposed and products are refreshed at the geometric level, our packaging design teaching must have more far-reaching, higher-level and more overall thinking and achievements.

any major reform in history is accompanied by the reform of teaching. The first teaching creates the forerunner of historical development. It is inevitable to lag behind without paying attention to teaching reform. Second, the concept of packaging design teaching reform is ahead. Our concept is not created out of thin air or fabricated. Our concept of packaging education reform is based on the philosophical concept and great wisdom triggered by human reflection on a century. The development of human society leads to the correct thinking and track due to continuous reflection and bringing order out of chaos. The ecological wisdom t of amenaess, the world's leading philosopher, has given us great enlightenment and thinking. He believes that human beings and all life are a whole, and society should be the largest compound, the largest diversity diversity, and the largest symbiosis. The whole society and life should cooperate without paying attention to the long-term quality, efficiency and harmony of equipment. As well as the philosophical thought of contemporary ontology to achieve "greater self realization", ecological wisdom t has become a beacon to guide out of the ecological crisis.

the deep and substantial philosophical concept of "self realization" enlightens our thinking on packaging and the current situation of education. We should put forward "self design" and even "self packaging". Based on the era characteristics of the sustainability of knowledge economy, to examine and grasp packaging design from a higher overall perspective, we should first think and do it from the perspective of educational reform.

"big self design" should highlight the value of people, the overall long-term value of people, society and natural ecology. Design must serve the fundamental interests of mankind. "Big self design" should highlight the designer's social mission and sense of society, and inject new cultural concepts, cultural taste, and new commodity value and added value.

III. teaching practice of the new concept of packaging

green packaging according to the overall idea of the new concept of packaging, we first put forward a new topic: green packaging. Green packaging has long been proposed and implemented in the whole packaging industry, such as soluble plastic tableware, Invented in Mexico "Ecological chewing gum, etc. but as a packaging design, it has not attracted attention and is a subject of classroom practice.

there are some individual successful cases abroad, such as the battery recycling packaging launched by the packaging yearbook of Japan, which is just a simple and eye-catching medium yellow cylindrical recycling box. It has no special uniqueness, but its concept is leading, so it won the annual award and was promoted as the world's excellent packaging. In addition, recycled paper, recycled The application of raw materials and soluble materials is also a successful case.

in teaching practice, this is a very difficult and valuable topic. For example, the design of battery recycling is that the packaging of the sold battery is equipped with a mandatory recycling device after use, which only adds some clever small devices and identification symbols, becoming a successful design.

another example is to make a big change in the shape of the beverage can, so that it is suitable for drinking and hand feeling, can be bent when used, and can be compressed when recycled, and has a beautiful appearance. The self-sufficiency rate of major key materials reaches more than 70%, saving space, which is a great invention and creation.

1. Form revolution. The way of packaging and the sense of design form should be fundamentally changed. 〓 The form of packaging must also produce a new visual image and visual language with the fashion culture. The old form will be incompatible with modern social culture and life. The formation of new and new human beings will inevitably pursue their life form and taste standards. Therefore, it is very important to reflect modern packaging in a new form. In this regard, the course has done a lot of useful experiments and made a large number of remarkable works. For example, gift bags that can rise in space, luminous can body packaging, and various commodity packaging that highlights personality and even ultra vulgar alternatives bring a new visual sense and fashion atmosphere. Packaging design courses lead to invention, discovery, association and creativity, which is an unprecedented harvest.

2. The program of changing the paper and box with the same material for a long time to package goods.

in the era of computers and networks, it is completely possible to eliminate the application of paper. The LCD screen foldable computer is carried around like a business card holder, but it carries all the network and infinite information. So why is the packaging still limited to paper and boxes. The value of changing traditional packaging materials and methods will be immeasurable. Completely open your mind, break the inherent concept, and start Lenovo without any constraints. For example, processing natural bamboo into various containers and packaging has a new development and perspective in the new concept, including the development and application of other natural and traditional materials. China has created overcoats and coats made of bamboo, which are popular in the international market and have a great potential to replace leather clothing, which is the evidence of material development.

the basic element body of packaging is composed of molecular structure, that is, the combination of sphere and line body. Its randomness can be used to package any item, and it is shockproof, fall proof and easy to carry. This is a revolution in material and packaging framework. Another example is that multi-directional plastic bodies are organized into various application packages, which replace paper and boxes, and can package any commodity. Multifunctional retractable body is another development idea, which breaks the inherited paper bag, box, rope binding and other methods, dares to deny reasonable existence, and creates new rationality and existence. Under the call of new ideas, the perspective of creativity and design is pushed to a very broad level and field.

in the teaching of new concept packaging design, we mainly put forward the homework requirements with new perspectives and new ideas from the three fields of new theory and packaging design, and start with the form research, and compare the concrete performance and abstract performance for research and design. At the same time, comparing the space of foreign current horizontal tensile testing machine is the substitute packaging that the vertical tensile testing machine can't do, we should carry out exploratory research and make the most successful design with Chinese cultural characteristics.

the avant-garde fashion of famous models on the T-stage may not be able to wear to work, but it creates and guides fashion and popularity. Goldbach's 1 + 1 conjecture cannot make financial accounts, but it guides the development of high and new technology. Some experiments of our new concept packaging may not be put into production for the time being, but its long-term value and pioneering significance are immeasurable. Therefore, the sense of innovation is of great value to improve the overall quality of students

author/Jiang Shangwen

source: Guangzhou packaging vision

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