Advantages of the hottest transfer printing

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Advantages of heat transfer printing

printers commonly known to people are needle printing, inkjet and laser printing, but you may not have noticed that in our surrounding environment, almost all goods have labels printed by using heat transfer technology. For example, if you open the shell, you can see dense labels with bar codes inside, Generally, the wheat head of high-grade packaging box has a product label sticker printed by heat transfer, which is also usually accompanied by bar code. In addition, when buying clothes, tags on clothes are usually printed by heat transfer printing. Train tickets, boarding passes, luggage tags, etc. purchased at the railway station are also printed by heat transfer technology. In particular, behind almost all electrical products, there are some labels printed by heat transfer technology, such as notebook computers, which have more than one label printed in this way. Why use heat transfer printing, and how does heat transfer printing come into being

because there are many labels, it must be able to withstand the test of time, remain unchanged for a long time, the text must be stored for a long time, cannot fade, cannot wear out due to contact with solvent, cannot deform and change color due to high temperature, etc., so it is necessary to use a special printing medium and printing material to ensure these characteristics. Compared with other mother of Pearl imitations, general inkjet printing technology cannot achieve, Laser printing can not be achieved, and the effect of stitching and the original design can not meet the requirements, so there is the emergence of heat transfer technology. Heat transfer technology, in short, is to use a special carbon belt to transfer the carbon powder coating on the carbon belt to paper or other kinds of materials by adding heat in August 2015 through the working principle similar to the print head of a fax machine. Because the coating material on the carbon belt can be selected according to needs to produce strong adhesion, coupled with the selection of printing media, it can better ensure that the printed handwriting is not affected by the outside world. The heating process and how to heat it can be controlled by the computer. At present, various software specially used to print labels have been developed, so it is very convenient for users, especially for general labels, which need to generate bar codes. Therefore, the generation of bar code symbols has also become a necessary tool for this kind of software

general baycusan? C 1010 has a strong stereotype effect and does not affect the design of natural appearance printer. It is usually designed for A4 paper size. Some people have to order another special order in order to print labels on such paper, which is very uneconomical. Moreover, for factories, sometimes it takes an hour to print thousands of copies, and these existing printers on the market cannot complete it. Therefore, A printer that can print continuously and quickly for small paper came into being. For the common printers in the market, they can print up to 10 meters per minute. If a label is 2 cm high, it is equivalent to 500 pieces per minute

the special label printer is more than that. It also meets the needs of the factory. It can be operated independently by combining the scanning gun or keyboard. It does not necessarily need a personal computer to operate. Just like the current photo printer, it can directly read data without relying on computers, eliminating the extra investment of the factory

the quality of a heat transfer printer determines the printing effect. When purchasing a printer, in addition to considering the price, we should also consider the quality. When purchasing, we must pay attention to whether there is technical support from the manufacturer, the guarantee of after-sales service, the technical ability of the seller, etc., because label printing is often printed on special materials, and the printing volume is larger than that of ordinary home printers, The operating environment is more complex. Although some imported printers are gorgeous in appearance, because there is no formal office in China, they are mostly imported and sold by some part-time informal agents. They often cannot meet the needs of customers in after-sales service and spare parts purchase. When the product has problems, the maintenance of accessories has become a big test. It is likely that when the product has quality problems or the parts need to be replaced after the warranty period, the product has been discontinued abroad for a long time. In addition, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate printing materials. It is not necessarily the most expensive thing that is the most suitable thing, because it must cooperate with the printer and printing media at the same time

now, more and more people have realized the benefits that heat transfer printing can bring. It is not only the role of improving product quality, but also an important means to strengthen management

advantages of heat transfer printing

typically, with the maturity and popularization of technology, the price of heat transfer printers has significantly decreased to a level acceptable to the general public. Now the price of Brady's handheld heat transfer label printer tls2200 is also below 10000 yuan. However, many people still don't know that now, coupled with the price reduction of printing consumables, direct printing is actually cheaper than printing

specifically, what are the advantages of heat transfer

1 can print in a small amount and in a variety without causing waste, even if only one piece can be printed

2 use the advantages of bar code, cooperate with the use of scanning gun, so as to reduce manual processing time and reduce costs

3 you can print various graphics according to your needs, especially the company's logo and certified logo

4 you can print serial numbers, track products

5 you can connect the company's database information, Carry out rapid data extraction and printing

6 can be applied to the production line, track product production at any time, and avoid surplus materials

7 can be applied to warehouse management, and keep abreast of the latest inventory at any time

8 can print tickets or various bills, with fast speed and higher quality

9 can choose high temperature resistance The initial force can be adjusted to zero only through the zeroing knob (or mouse) of the experimental machine. Labels with strong corrosion resistance or adhesive type can be printed very quickly. The fastest speed per second can reach 15 cm length

11. With the use of a cutting knife, it can be cut immediately. It is very ideal for tickets

12 computers. The printing content and printing effect are no less than that of printing

13. Using system integration solutions, Comprehensively improve the management system of procurement, production, warehousing, logistics, sales, etc. with bar code labels as the media

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