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Knowledge collection of offset press mechanism

operation stability analysis of ink mechanism

the operation stability of ink mechanism is the prerequisite to ensure the uniformity of ink. Among them, domestic enterprises attach great importance to technology and require that the smaller the vibration during operation, the better. To improve the stability of its operation, in addition to the processing and installation accuracy, it is also directly related to the design. The operation of all the tandem rollers of the ink mechanism is driven by gears. Spur gears are not as smooth as helical gears. Because the axial force of series motion is relatively small and the requirements are not strict, helical gears with large helix angle can be used as much as possible. The larger the angle is, the more stable the operation is. Therefore, "I" as a member of engineering plastics has a wide range of uses. The angle of the helical gear used in the ink mechanism on many previous equipment is larger than that of the helical gear used by the drum

Author: Cai Jifei

information source: offset collar machine must read static arc height or arc height deviation under specified load mm

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