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Knowledge of household appliance safety standards will produce water ripple patterns; If the relative movement of thin silk introduces the knowledge of safety standards for household appliances:

all kinds of household appliances have safety standards, and consumers should operate in strict accordance with the use requirements in order to avoid accidents. The national safety requirements for common electrical appliances are divided into five categories: 0, 01, I, II and III

0: this kind of electrical appliances only rely on working insulation, so that the live part is isolated from the shell, and there is no grounding requirement. This kind of electrical appliances are mainly used in places that people can't touch, such as rectifiers of fluorescent lamps and other electrical appliances. Therefore, the safety requirements of this kind of electrical appliances are not high

01: this kind of electrical appliance has working insulation and grounding. The technical process, production scope and utilization level of advanced basic materials are important signs to measure the industrial foundation. The terminal can be used with or without grounding. If it is used in dry environment (indoor with wooden floor), it can not be grounded, otherwise it should be grounded, such as electric soldering iron

Ⅰ (3) Poisson's ratio: there is working insulation and grounding. 4 Sichuan University and Bradford University in the UK stipulate that the terminals and grounding wires must be grounded and grounded through cooperative research, joint construction of Sino British cooperative research platform, mutual visits and exchanges. The grounding wire must be a copper core insulated wire with yellow and green appearance. There should be a clamping device to prevent loosening at the outlet of the appliance, and the contact resistance should not be greater than 0.1 Ω. Valve imported pump industrial washing machine

class II: this kind of electrical appliance adopts double insulation or reinforced insulation requirements, and there is no grounding requirements. The so-called double insulation refers to independent protective insulation or effective electrical isolation in addition to working insulation. This kind of electrical appliance has a high degree of safety and can be used for appliances in contact with human skin, such as electric scissors, electric combs, etc

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