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How about AOC 27 inch 2K 1500r large curved surface micro frame display cq27n2? Use evaluation

this AOC 27 inch 2K 1500r large curved surface micro frame display cq27n2 is recommended by the evaluation. A certain Eastern plant planted grass behind this AOC display cq27n2. After using it for a period of time, I share my experience as follows: I have always wanted to buy a 27 inch 2K curved surface, but I haven't found it for a long time. This time I saw a new product on AOC, and I fell in love with it at a glance. The frame is very narrow, and the thin 27 inch is also 2K resolution. I still prefer the white curved surface, The company spirit of "leading the future" is used in front of it. There are no bad points. The display effect is excellent and the color is good. The effect of pictures is better. The experience of playing games on the screen is really good. The most important thing is that it has a high cost performance. The perfect screen has no bright spots and bad spots, but the gap of the lower frame is a little big, which does not affect the use

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I AOC display cq27n2 JD price quotation:

AOC 27 inch 2K 1500r large curved surface micro frame 120%srgb design office low blue light does not flash ps4cq27n2

1500r curvature +75hz refresh rate + wide color gamut, fashionable thin back, IML innovative process ink texture base price: ¥ 1399.00 activity quotation link: gross profit rate 13.7%ml

II. AOC display cq27n2 configuration parameters:

Product Name: aoccq27n2

III. AOC display cq27n2 other user comments:

good, curved screen is comfortable, watching TV, making form documents, typing codes, etc. it is very comfortable, the display is very clear, the interface is complete, and there is a, which will cause local stress concentration VG, HDMI, DP interface, and an audio output interface can be connected to headphones,. In addition, it can be hung on the wall. It's very good. The wire rod and workmanship of the monitor are very good. It's highly praised and recommended to buy

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