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Apfe2014 10th Shanghai international high function film exhibition film exhibition optical film exhibition time: May, 2014 Venue: Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall (No. 1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area) [leading the future with film] apfe2014 10th Shanghai international high function film exhibition is the only professional exhibition of functional films (optical films, photovoltaic/lithium battery films, functional plastic packaging films) and sheets, precision coating and cutting A leading trading platform for film blowing and casting technology, testing and auxiliary equipment. Apfe gathers top global functional film production and precision coating enterprises to provide exhibitors with face-to-face communication and communication opportunities with purchasing decisions; And provide the direct suppliers of film manufacturers with unique and completely market-oriented development channels in the industry, and actively improve the brand and technical image of exhibitors. [film industry feast not to be missed] ■ apfe2013 Shanghai exhibition, the only and largest film materials and processing technology industry event in the Asia Pacific, covers a total exhibition area of 18000 square meters, of which materials (functional films and tapes) account for 40%, and material secondary processing and molding account for 30%. The exhibits cover optical films, photovoltaic and lithium battery diaphragms, polyester films, optical surface protective films, industrial tapes, Film Precision coater The film material suppliers include Sekisui, ISR, soken, Itochu, lucky (Shanghai Jinzhang), Yinghui optoelectronics, Shanghai kaixinsen, Chengdu pilot, Boyi Xincheng, Tongli optoelectronics, Kanghui petrochemical, double star color plastic, Tianjin Wanhua, etc. the secondary processing and molding technology equipment suppliers include Hagi raw industry, adeco Youshunfa, Hongmin, Rongchang, Jiayuan Electromechanical, Qinyang, Dongguan Haode, Shantou OGE, Dayang machinery, nuoxin, Dai Nate, etc. the material processing and auxiliary equipment include Mitsubishi (Maozhi), teknek, edwans, besa, Kurimoto, isira, Murata, Daqing, ouborui, Guangzhou Bocheng, etc. the brand and area of the exhibition reached a new high. ■ the gathering of VIP visitors benefited from our in-depth analysis and unique opinions on the demand of the functional film industry, as well as the strong support of the data since the successful holding of the exhibition for a long time. We achieved great results in this exhibition. The core audience not only includes a number of heavyweight OEM and die-cutting manufacturers such as Foxconn, BYD, qiandaida, but also directly attracts Samsung, apple, Lenovo, AOC A group of decision-makers from weight end demand manufacturers such as HKC came to watch the exhibition. In the three days, the exhibition attracted nearly 30000 professional visitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and its overseas proportion was significantly higher than that of the previous session. [apfe2014 Shanghai Exhibition hotspot] * optical film materials (optical film for backlight, polyester base film, functional plastic film, ITO film, PC film, optical surface protective film, etc.) * photoelectric film precision coating and application * solar photovoltaic film/lithium battery diaphragm coating and processing technology * case 3: at this time, the angle of the contact surface between the push plate and the toothed rod head should be changed, The contact surface of the universal testing machine is usually fixed on the surface of the push plate with a flat steel sheet through the upper and lower screws. The adjustment method is to loosen the two screws and pad the upper or lower side (only the first side) between the steel sheet and the push plate with copper sheet or other flighty metal sheet, so as to change the angle, repeatedly verify and adjust until the original film is manufactured (film blowing, stretching, casting, extrusion, compounding) * film detection Post processing and auxiliary equipment [exhibition scope] * optical film, PC film, polyester film, hardening film, pre coating film, lithium battery film, photovoltaic film, high barrier film (PVDC film, EVOH film, aluminized film, nylon film), flexible packaging film, other functional films * precision coating equipment, Slitter, rewinder, film blowing/casting/extrusion/laminating machine, film printing and processing equipment, winding machine, vacuum coating equipment Stripping is the bubble equipment formed by the final sudden fracture, including reaction tower, agitator, tension control device in the industry, reel coiling equipment, wire drawing machine, surface treatment equipment, corona treatment, electrostatic dust removal equipment, roller coating drying equipment, environmental protection equipment, analysis/detection/testing instruments and related control systems* Plastic particles, color masterbatches, adhesives, silica gel, resin, varnish, ink, coating, additives, forming agents, etc. [visitors] optoelectronics, display, film materials and manufacturing, panel manufacturing, die-cutting processing, solar photovoltaic, packaging, circuit boards, electrical, printing, commerce/services, colleges and universities/Research institutions held at the same time: the 10th Shanghai International belt Protective film and Realization of human brain's effective control of external machinery optical film exhibition

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