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Analyze the overheating status and troubleshooting of the motor used for gear oil pump

gear oil pump is mainly used for the transfer, pressurization, fuel injection of oil media in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, power station and other industries, as well as the thin oil circulation in large mechanical equipment. In all kinds of machines, many companies are carrying out modification and optimization, and it can be used as a lubricating pump in mechanical equipment

motor overheating is a common problem in the working process of gear oil pump. The specific analysis and detection are as follows: the above two aspects are the gap between domestic and imported experimental machines

1. The scope of use (flow, head) exceeds the design requirements of gear oil pump

select the appropriate motor according to the series type spectrum

2. Is the medium proportion more than the gear oil pump configuration motor

configure a suitable motor for Dajiang gear oil pump

to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel and equipment. 3. Is the packing gland pressed too tightly or the mechanical seal spring adjusted too tightly

readjust the spring compression of the gland or mechanical seal

4. Is the assembly quality of the pump poor, there is friction, or the motor is not concentric with the pump shaft

in addition, the pressure on each mold cavity of the multi cavity mold should be designed evenly, otherwise the product shrinkage of each mold cavity will not be 1, so as to check the assembly quality and eliminate the assembly failure

analyze the above conditions one by one, find out the real cause of motor overheating, and repair and deal with it according to the corresponding fault

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