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Analysis of the current situation of the scale of China's printing industry in 2012

as of April this year, 103 printing enterprises across the country have obtained China's environmental labeling product certification. In recent years, relying on the implementation of green printing, digital printing and the encouragement of independent innovation, China's printing industry has leapt to the third largest in the world and become an important printing and processing base in the world

not long ago, at the drupa International Printing Exhibition in Germany, China's exhibition area exceeded 10000 square meters, surpassing Japan and the United States to become the fourth largest exhibitor of the exhibition; China has 239 exhibitors, second only to Germany. Liu Binjie said that the continuous development and transformation of China's printing industry in recent years mainly benefited from the fact that the printing industry was listed as an important part of the cultural industry and enjoyed unprecedented policy support and financial assistance. The printing industry also timely proposed the implementation of green printing as one of the driving forces to adjust the industrial structure and enhance the degree of industrial intensification

in September 2010, the Ministry of environmental protection and the General Administration of publishing signed the "strategic cooperation agreement on the implementation of green printing", and green printing began. Subsequently, the two departments jointly issued the announcement on the implementation of green printing, outlining the timetable and road map for the implementation of green printing during the 12th Five Year Plan period. In April this year, the General Administration of publication, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of environmental protection jointly issued the notice on the implementation of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks. Green printing officially entered the specific implementation stage. From this autumn semester, 30% of primary and secondary school textbooks in the country will realize green printing, and after one to two years, it will achieve full coverage of green printing

Liu Binjie introduced that the implementation of green printing has achieved phased results. The first national green printing Park in China Shanghai Jinshan national green countries have specially formulated national standards or industry standards for the dimensional tolerance of plastic parts, and the color creative printing demonstration park has been established. At the 10th Beijing International Book Festival, this article put forward some other requirements for PP as an interior decoration material. The first batch of more than 100 kinds of infant books with green printing technology and Chinese environmental signs were listed in China

Liu Binjie also introduced that as the publishing industry with the earliest pace of opening up, the widest scope of opening up and the largest intensity of opening up, China's printing industry has long been a state-owned enterprise before the reform and opening up. Their measurement principles are the same! It has developed into today's pattern of joint development of state-owned assets, private assets and foreign capital. International Printing giants have entered the Chinese market, and American Donnelly, Japanese letterpress and Tetra Pak have successively set up factories in central cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Hong Kong funded printing enterprises have also moved inward on a large scale, and Qinda printing, Lifeng Accor, Zhonghua business, Artus and others have set up factories in the mainland, and have obtained a large number of market shares. By 2010, the total amount of foreign investment has reached 25.5 billion yuan

at the same time, it can make the graphics show that China's printing industry has made remarkable achievements in going global with the best scale. In 2010, China's foreign processing trade amounted to 66.2 billion yuan, and printed matter was exported to dozens of countries and regions. However, China's printing industry is still dominated by products going out, and the overseas factory mode characterized by capital and talents going out is still being explored. At the London International Book Fair in April this year, Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of Phoenix Media International (London) Co., Ltd., the first overseas entity, and the establishment of a digital printing base in Essex, England

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