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On hot days, the first thing to open the door and enter the house is to rush to the basin or bathroom to let the water wash away the sultry, tired and dirty of the day. As long as the owner is at home, the shower will be tossed around happily. It's just that Beijing has a dry climate, and the water quality contains more alkali. Over time, the sprinkler outlet is easy to be blocked, so let Xiaobian take you to choose the right sprinkler

key words: constant temperature function

remember to constantly adjust the water temperature every time you take a bath? The degree of trouble may make you unbearable. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, what difficulties can't be solved! This is not true. Now there is a shower with constant temperature configuration on the market, which can not only regulate the temperature, but also use the metal ball valve on the shower to help you "remember" the appropriate temperature, so that you can keep the temperature of the water constant after choosing a water temperature. Enjoying a happy shower and washing away your troubles are not beyond your reach. This kind of shower with constant temperature function can also play a safety role in bathing the elderly and children

in addition, the shape of this device is the same as that of the ordinary tap switch, and it is equipped with a regulating hot water controller to control the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can flow out quickly and accurately, which can save water and heat energy. While memorizing the water temperature, while regulating the water volume, it can also save a lot of money

key words: water outlet function

a variety of water outlet methods are no longer the patents of advanced sprinkler, but gradually popularized to ordinary sprinkler brands. A shower is generally equipped with five ways of water: first, the most basic shower water flow for bathing; 2、 Rain type, continuous water outflow bit by bit; 3、 Massage style, spray strong and powerful, continue to pour, so that the body can be relaxed; 4、 Stroking, continuous and small water flow; 5、 Single strand type, the water flow is concentrated into a water column. The adjustment method is very simple. Pressing the small handle on the sprinkler or directly turning the sprinkler head can convert the water at will

key words: cleaning function

the outlet holes of traditional showers are usually collected inside, but the design level of products is constantly improving, so there is a kind of shower with exposed water holes. This kind of shower is made of rubber. It seems that the feel and texture are not high-end products, but in the era of "lazy people in charge", this kind of design is too cola. On the one hand, it is convenient to clean the shower holes, as long as you carefully scrub them with a cloth; On the other hand, the water hole is prominent outside, and the shower water will be more natural. In addition, some sprinklers have the function of self-cleaning. When spraying water, the descaling needle will automatically clean the sediment at the outlet, which is much more "beautiful" than ordinary sprinklers

key words: details of accessories

as the saying goes, "one hair touches the whole body". A small part in the shower or a small part "sick" may affect your feeling when taking a shower. If you don't want to run out of water or turn into cold water after half washing, check the accessories of the shower often, and you can remove them for a "ride" in your spare time. Fortunately, today, when we pay attention to brand and reputation, most shower accessories are relatively "long-lived". Some brands of water pipes and lifting rods are particularly flexible. The hose is made of anti bending steel wire, and the connection is also equipped with anti twist ball bearings. Even if you dance while taking a bath, the shower will not "fight". Then a rotation controller is equipped on the lifting rod, which makes it easier to move vertically or horizontally





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