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As we all know, construction sites, roads and other construction sites will inevitably need a large number of sand and gravel aggregate as the basis. With the urban transformation and upgrading, the stacking place of construction waste is also gradually increasing, forming the phenomenon of garbage and people competing for land. According to statistics, for every 10000 tons of construction waste, less than 1 mu of land is needed to stack. China will need to spend more than 200000 mu of land for stacking construction waste every year. Generally, the construction site is bought from the surrounding stone factories, but now the situation of the sand and stone industry (the rising price of sand, the situation of no market with price, etc.) always makes the construction site rich and unable to buy aggregates. There are often downtime caused by insufficient raw materials, which really affects the tight construction period. For the treatment of construction waste, many enterprises have developed a series of targeted equipment. For example, Zhengzhou global heavy industry has produced a convenient and efficient mobile crushing station through innovative technology, which can be described as the "savior" of construction waste. Through sorting, crushing, screening and other processes, construction waste can be made into recycled aggregate for paving and building materials. More than 95% of these garbage can be used as raw materials to return to the project construction after the decoration of the garbage mobile crushing station

construction waste is used as recycled aggregate for construction sand, highway pavement backfilling, self-sufficiency, and construction site needs. One of them is to make sand directly on site and save money for purchasing sand and stone materials; In addition, there is no need to buy everywhere, which saves time and produces as much as it needs. The supply will always be sufficient without delaying the construction period. Our company has a complete range of decoration construction waste crushers, with discharge specifications (ranging from 05, 10, 12, 13, 24, 30mm), and the characteristics of uniform particle size, reasonable grading, adjustable fineness mode of the finished products, which can also better meet the requirements of construction site. Compared with the fixed sand making production line, the production period is shortened by nearly one month, and the on-site installation is simple, so it does not need to be used as a foundation. The tire type mobile sand making machine can directly connect and fix the frame legs and embedded anchor screws on site; Crawler type operation can be carried out on site, which is easy and simple, and the production speed is faster, helping the site owner to quickly seize business opportunities

in order to realize environmental protection production and produce environmental protection products, global heavy industry has invested a lot of capital and technology, but in the long run, this is a cause that benefits the country and the people, and has far-reaching significance for sustainable development. At present, the company's products have reached the national environmental protection standards. It not only solves the pollution of construction waste, but also alleviates the current shortage of resources, and the equipment will not pollute the environment during operation. Zhengzhou Huanqiu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. recommends an integrated impact construction waste crushing and screening machine for processing 50-150 tons of construction waste. It is not only because the company is strong and large-scale, but also because the decoration construction waste crusher equipment produced by it is of excellent quality, affordable price and good after-sales service, which can meet the requirements of most users






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