The decorator wrongly remitted 345 yuan to others

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When transferring money through wechat, he mistakenly transferred 345 yuan to a stranger. When he was worried, the other party took the initiative to return it. Unexpectedly, the next day, his bank card also received 45000 yuan from others, and he returned this huge amount without hesitation

personal experience twice “ Oolong ”, One exchange and one return made Mr. Cai, a Sichuan reader who worked in banyan, feel special. Yesterday, he told reporters: “ Although I'm only a worker, I know that people should be honest, and others will trust you& rdquo;

Mr. Cai is 54 years old and usually engaged in decoration work. The two times he experienced “ Oolong ”, Let's start from the 13th. Mr. Cai said that at 14:00 that day, he planned to transfer 345 yuan of decoration materials to the supplier by wechat transfer. At almost the same time, a supplier and a stranger Xiaolin added Mr. Cai as a wechat friend. Mr. Cai passed the friend application of the two people, but when choosing the transfer object of 345 yuan, he mistakenly transferred the money to the stranger Xiao Lin just added& ldquo; Because I didn't know the transfer object, I was worried that the money wouldn't come back at first& rdquo; Mr. Cai said that when he explained the situation through wechat, the other party immediately returned the payment. The sincerity of strangers made Mr. Cai feel warm

to Mr. Cai's surprise, he met again the next day “ Oolong ”, This time he became the payee, and it was a huge sum of 45000 yuan. Mr. Cai said that on the morning of the 14th, his mobile phone received a bank message indicating that his bank card suddenly received a remittance of 45000 yuan& ldquo; This money is equivalent to my income for a whole year& rdquo; Although the amount was attractive, the money was not his own, which made him uneasy. For the first time, he thought of looking for the owner of the money. Just then, Mr. Ou called. It turned out that Mr. Ou had business dealings with Mr. Cai and had Mr. Cai's bank account number. When remitting money on the 14th, he mistakenly remitted the money into his bank card

after learning that Mr. Ou was in urgent need of the 45000 yuan, Mr. Cai put down his work without saying a word and immediately rushed back to baihuting, his residence from Xindian Town, found his bank card and immediately transferred money to Mr. ou

for two consecutive days “ Oolong ” Remittance, let Mr. Cai have a deeper understanding of integrity& ldquo; The integrity of the stranger Kobayashi moved my heart& rdquo; Mr. Cai said that he worked in Rong for more than 30 years and knew that honesty was the foundation of society. After returning 45000 yuan to the owner, he felt very secure in his heart

□ reporter's notes

a person's “ Integrity transfer station &rdquo

first time “ Oolong ”, Mr. Cai mistakenly remitted more than 300 yuan to Xiao Lin's account. Xiao Lin didn't take it for himself, but returned it in good faith. Mr. Cai regained his lost money and got not only the wrong remittance, but also precious integrity. The second time “ Oolong ”, Mr. Cai received 45000 yuan wrongly remitted by others, and he returned it in time. It was not only this huge amount of money, but also a good atmosphere of adhering to integrity to the society. Twice “ Oolong ”, Mr. Cai is a “ Integrity transfer station ”, He gained the integrity from others and also passed it on to others

today, the whole society is advocating socialist core values. Honesty is one of the important contents. And to understand the deep meaning, we need not only “ Say ”, It depends on every ordinary person's “ Line ”. Only good quality, including integrity, can be fully transferred in the crowd and form interpersonal communication that can be perceived anytime and anywhere. Even in a crowded crowd, we can still keep the civilized flow and get the civilized breeze

we believe that the society is like Mr. Cai “ Integrity transfer station ” There are many more. Everyone has improved their own moral cultivation, and is also jointly promoting the spiritual civilization of this society





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