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Boston power will play a new video again! Spot robot dog autonomous navigation on the ground

Boston power will play a new video again! Spot robot dog autonomous navigation on the ground

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original title: Boston power play a new video again! Spot robot dog autonomous navigation like walking on the ground


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[introduction to Xinzhiyuan] after the release of atlas heavy video, Boston power released the video of spot quadruped robot dog walking on the ground on the construction site on the same day. In the video, spot goes up and down the stairs of the messy construction site to achieve perfect autonomous navigation and successfully avoid all obstacles. Boston Dynamics said it would launch new applications for more scenarios in the second half of next year

yesterday, Boston Dynamics released a video showing another incredible ability of atlas. In the video, the robot runs over obstacles and can even jump higher to jump into the oncoming box, just like Mario and the legend of cool running

the robot named atlas can not only walk, run and flip back like a human, but also perfectly complete parkour, jump from one obstacle to another, and transfer the center of gravity smoothly

the video above shows the powerful computer processing power of the latest atlas model. The robot in the video has a clear field of vision, can find the target, recognize the target and route above itself, and use its limbs to jump from a 40 cm high platform to the next platform

the company said: "our control software uses the whole body, including the legs, arms and trunk to ensure cleanliness in the oil circuit, to adjust and plan energy and strength to jump over obstacles without disturbing the robot's pace. Atlas uses computer vision to locate itself, which can accurately locate the visible marks of the terrain. "

atlas is 1.5 meters high, weighs 75 kg, has 28 joints and can carry a payload weighing up to 11 kg.

spot robot dog works as a" supervisor "at the construction site to navigate perfectly

on the same day, Boston Dynamics released a new video of spot robot dog, a quadruped robot similar to a dog. The company said that at present, the spot of metal head has "started field testing for global commercial purposes"

this video shows that spot robots walk independently on construction sites, stairs and corridors. It goes up and down the stairs and crosses the obstacles on the stairs and in the corners

Boston Dynamics said: "after running the preliminary mapping, the spot robot dog realized dynamic autonomous navigation on two construction sites in Tokyo and used a special payload to measure the progress of work. In addition, there is an additional camera in hand, which allows spot to conduct more detailed inspection on site."

the company said spot would launch "new applications for all kinds of scenarios" in the second half of 2019. The company plans to produce 100 spots from next year

spot is less than 3 feet tall and has 3D visual function. There are 17 joints in the whole body to help it move flexibly

Boston Dynamics CEO Marc raibert and spotmini at the Ted conference

Boston Dynamics CEO Marc raibert said earlier this year that he hoped spot could be used in a variety of industries, including construction, delivery, safety and family assistance

he also denied the skeptics' view, saying that the company's robots would not be used to kill people, but insisted that they were more likely to act as servants in the future

"we take this into account, but it's also true for cars, aircraft, computers and lasers," raibert said. "Every technology you can imagine has many ways to use. If some ways of using it are terrible, it just means that the people who use it are terrible. I don't think these robots themselves are terrible.

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